Sunday, 7 December 2014

On the segway through Christchurch city centre

I spend a whole day with a friend who I got to know through blogging. She stayed at the place of another wonderful former blogger. What a treasure to meet so many nice people online. Peggy is from Australia and she invited me to go on a Segway tour with her. This was on my bucket list so that was fantastic. When we started, it was a bit of a challenge as it was different from anything I am used to. You have to steer and stop with your body. But than we wheeled into the city, crossing roads, riding over bumps was so much fun cruising through town. Afterwards we had lunch at the Lotus Flower which has fantastic food and our lovely christchurch  friend joined us. Next we visited my work as she supported our charity followed by a walk and photo shoot through the city. Here are some impressions:

A beautiful Christmas tree in the Cardboard Cathedral

A glimpse of the cardboard cathedral. it was build after the Christchurch Cathedral
was destroyed in the earthquake, located not far from it. It consists of 86 card board tubes of 500 Kg each.

Peggy on the beautiful mosaic chair given to Christchurch by the people of China

Christmas in New Regent Street

A new shop called Clockwork emporium and café in Regent Street with beautiful steampunk items
There is a big steampunk community in Christchurch. Steampunk is about fiction and fantasy and steam powered machinery. Oemaru is the head quarter of NZ steampunk as they have a festival, a museum and movies and great artists .

A beautiful huge mural on the back of  Isaac Theatre Royal. The iconic building has been restored and opened two weeks ago. It has a gorgeous interior which we couldn't see this time as there was a function going on.

A new retro shop. Don't you just love discovering new things all the time.

A broken church in Manchester Street made "whole" with art

Christchurch has so many amazing murals at the moment. This is a new one

A week ago I had a great day together with Marilyn, a volunteer and friend. The swimming with the dolphins didn't go ahead as there were two to three meter swells. Next year we try again :)


  1. Hi Marja - the segway jaunt sounds to be amazing fun .. love the idea. How lovely to be able to meet up and wander around with blogging friends - bet lots of creative ideas came out ... but those murals are extraordinary, and a cardboard cathedral, the Clockwork house and steampunk centre of NZ .. so much happening in Christchurch .. I'm so pleased for the community .. and then you had lunch! Cheers lovely memories to see and read about - Hilary

  2. Leuke post om Christchurch te zien. Ik heb die Segways hier ook gezien in Amsterdam, het is een beetje raar gezicht zo'n hele rij achter elkaar over de grachten en hoge bruggetjes geluidloos te zien voorbij komen. I zou het niet meer durven.

  3. Did the swim with dolphins once at Seaworld Orlando, the staff said right from the beginning that while we humans were always eager the dolphins some times, quite literally, would refuse to show up for work. In fact, my group had to wait about thirty minutes for the cetaceans to decided whether or not they would "clock in" for the day.

    There were four dolphins that decided to work that day and we were told by the staff that two of them, a male and female, spent the morning making whoopie, if you catch my meaning.

  4. That sparkling gift of a chair really caught my eye. How beautiful. It must take a little bravery to try out the Segway … it seems part motorized skateboard and part lawnmower. :) This is a marvelous post, Marja, brimming with optimism and creative rebuilding. Christchurch truly is amazing and so are the captures you took while enjoying a visit with your blogging friend.

  5. Wonderful series, love the Cardboard Cathedrals sparkling Christmas tree!

  6. Wow you are adventurous doing a segway tour. The pics of Christchurch are great. It is good to see life is getting back to normal. The mural is a beauty.

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    1. na .......yeh I am still alive It was fun, It was only scary in the beginning

  8. I so enjoyed my virtual trip with you! What a colourful and artistic place Christchurch is. One day, one day!

  9. Those murals and coloured buildings are right up my alley. I wish we had more coloured houses of here, I think it would make life a bit more beautiful. How was the segway ride? Was it scary? I would love try one day, although I am afraid I would be a gevaar op de weg!

  10. What a fun thing to do! Your city is looking quite seasonal. The murals are amazing, too.

  11. It was a grand day Marja. Thanks for accepting the challenge of the Segway riding, it is by far my favourite mode of transport.
    I so enjoyed our day together and will cherish the memories always.
    Take care dear friends.
    Big heart hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  12. I hope you got that comment Marja.. I pressed preview and it just vanished..

    Loved my trip around with you and sending Mega Christmas Hugs your way..

  13. is the website for Christchurch Segway Tours............


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