Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Pump House

Lots of work going on at our place. Fencing is still in development and two rooms are being done up. The shops I visit lately are mostly building material places. One is however a treat to go to and I went here on my own yesterday to buy a small stained glass window. More about that later. I also made some pictures as it looks like a museum.

The place is the Pump House, a demolition yard with building materials and lots of quirky things
The building dates from the late 1800's and how astonishing that it survived the earthquake. The earthquake is already 4 years ago (22 February 2011) and the rebuild goes in the same slow pace as our house

A statue of Robert Wadlow , the tallest man who has ever lived His height: 2.72 mtr

An Indian greets you at the entrance

When going upstairs you can't miss a giant knight in shining armour

I loved this rikshaw as well

This  piece was hanging from the ceiling. No idea what it is but it is gorgeous.

In a big hall where doors and windows are stored, your eyes get caught by the fairy tales on the wall


  1. That is a nice place to hang around and watch all the items. They certainly have nice things. I like that coloured wheel? with flowers on the ceiling.

  2. What a fun/interesting place to visit Marja. Such diverse things to look at and buy. I bet you enjoyed your time there, wandering around by yourself. Did you buy the stained glass window you were looking for?
    I love stained glass windows. I have many in my house, some I have made myself and others I have purchased. Stained glass adds wonderful character and colour to a home.
    Peggy xxxxxx

  3. I so hope you bought the rick shaw!!! What a very cool demolition place.

  4. There are many treasures to be found in demolition yards. It must be fun visiting, & I look forward to seeing your stained glass window.

  5. A statue of Robert Wadlow , the tallest man who has ever lived His height: 2.72 mtr

    I feel for the guy, I'm 1.9 meters tall and my back and knees have bothered me for years.

  6. Wow, wat een aparte winkel, lijkt me heerlijk om eens rond te neuzen. Mooie foto ook, die eerste met de schaduw op de muur. Fijne zondag nog!

  7. That looks a fun place to visit. I hope you found what you were looking for.

  8. What a fascinating place this is... Looks full of very interesting things... x That piece from the ceiling looks like an old wagon wheel, but curved LOL.. beautiful what ever.. xxx

  9. What a fabulous place, Marja. And seeing an Indian statue in New Zealand was a hoot.

  10. Hi Marja - what an amazing place .. I loved that ceiling rondel - I'd love that in a conservatory ... so the light would come through - lots of treasures here .. fascinating .. cheers Hilary


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