Friday, 18 December 2015

Spectrum Street Art Festival

If you come to Christchurch you have to visit the street art festival at the YMCA. Internationally renowned street artist have not only covered the city walls in Christchurch but also developed this amazing exhibition at the YMCA : Spectrum Street Art Festival
This year also some talented Dutch artists Telmo and Miel participated and here is the website
where you can see some of there amazing work.

Layers of glass lined up to to create this lady. See the man walking through the  layer.

This friend is quite a character so we had lots of fun. Here she is behind the computer blending in with the graffiti.

 Love the cheeky characters around these serious men.

All these panels lined up and formed a tropical jungle with gorgeous birds.

Specially loved the addition of the ladder :)

The street art is painted on the wall and they put a frame on top of it.

I loved this Maori girl with a Ta Moko. Ta Moko is permanent body and face marking. It is different from tattoe as the skin is carved instead of punctured.


  1. Gosh that is interesting Art. Will it still be there in February?

    1. yep it's open till half of April

  2. WOW what a fabulous exhibition. Your photos have really captured their essence Marja.
    Keep shining my friend.
    Big heart hugs
    Peggy xxxx

  3. Leuke tentoonstelling, streetart is tegenwoordig in musea te zien, dat is wel bijzonder. In Amsterdam is nu ook een tentoonstelling over graffiti.

  4. Hi Maria - how extraordinary ... loved some of it - but so so clever. Had to look up the Ta Moko - and see James Cook experienced it on his travels down under. Fantastic .. and yes I'd love to see it .. cheers Hilary

  5. This is my cup of tea! I've never heard of Ta Moko. I can imagine this must be very, very painful!

  6. Wat een schitterende kunst, vooral de eerste, de vierde en de vijfde van het jongetje op de wolk met de ladder.
    Mooie tentoonstelling!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family my dear friend :) I am missing you and blog land a lot. This is a fun post !


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