Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A prestine beach in Abel Tasman has just been bought by the people of NZ for the people of NZ and anyone :)

See the white stretch of beach with the green dot. As an exclamation mark on top of  Abel Tasman national Park it screams to be visited by all and it's possible now Yihaa

It was bought by the people of NZ through the crowdfunding site "Give a little", for the people of NZ. The beach was in private hands. Something that happens more and more in NZ.  We in NZ think that the beach should be for everyone.

A Wellington lawyer owned the bank 6 million and had put the beach up for sale for 2 million.
Duane Major who lives in Spreydon, Christchurch started the campaign to ask people to help buy the beach. I bought some graines of sand and a splash of water and followed the process slowly. From almost 40000 buyers over 2.2 million was raised. As it was a tender there was a bit of waiting involved but late last night the beach was handed over and so everyone was rewarded.

Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai.
By many, by thousands, the work (project) will be accomplished.

The work is accomplished! NZ has a new PUBLIC beach 


  1. Breathtaking! What a brilliant idea. That was a smart move crowdfunding this slice of heaven for all to enjoy. Aren’t you lucky to own several grains of sand in this very pristine place.

  2. Brilliant move of your NZ people! Up to the beach.

  3. Hi Marja - what an amazing estuary and beach area ... sand-dunes and wooded areas to the sea ... it is positively stunning - and what a clever idea to crowd-fund it .. cheers Hilary

  4. One of the few things South Carolina ever had going for it was the fact that if a coastal community used taxpayer funds to maintain roads and other items of common infrastructure the beach had to be public access. Now property owners whines and complained but for decades that was the rule. Their ownership of beach property ended at the bottom of the steps leading out to the ocean. Now, they are slowly sneaking past that long tradition and have been able to restrict some beach access.

    Good for you guys at being able to turn the tide on these neo-aristocrats.

  5. Was Abel Tasman related to the founder(s) of Tasmania?

    1. Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer and discovered Tasmania, same as he discovered New Zealand as the first westerner but he got scared away by the locals

  6. I thought this was an exceptional thing for the citizens to do!! Yay, NZ!

  7. What a wonderful idea.. so every one benefits and Oh such beauty to share in this beach.. Lovely


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