Saturday, 5 March 2016

Tai Tapu sculpture garden

I went with a friend to the Tai Tapu sculpture garden. An exhibition of contemporary NZ sculptures, held once a year in a native NZ bush garden tucked away in a valley. I had some problems with my camera but still managed to get some shots. After our visit we went to the Raspberry cafe and had a great lunch in the shadow of a birch tree.

Heaven Sent by Llew Summers

Feathered by Rebecca Rose

Oil Snake by Hanna kidd

A photo of my friend underneath an amazing sculpture
A landscape with too many holes, Waiting for St Francis - A Gateway    by Bing Dawe

 the front and the back of another amazing sculpture 
We are shaped by our childhoods by Terry Springer

Not a very good photo of the blue Venus sculpture on the left but I loved it. The owner of the garden had visitors one day and gave them all a piece of clay. The blue Venus was modeled by the post boy who got really into it. These are just a few of them. Annabel Menzies casted the figures in glass and they are now sitting in the fertility Goddess Grove

We also loved this wave of swallows reaching out over the garden
Vortex by Neil Dawson


  1. I love these types of exhibitions Marja, wandering through a bush garden full of sculptures and considering your camera was playing up you got some marvellous shots.
    A friend and I each year go to the Rookwood Cemetery hidden sculptures in Sydney and have a fabulous day looking at the sculptures amongst the graves.
    Warm hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  2. Leuke expositie zo in de buitenlucht. Die vrouw en dat gezicht van achteren is heel knap gemaakt.

  3. Most of South Carolina, especially the area I grew up, cannot be called artistic. One of a few exceptions is a place called Brookgreene Gardens close to Pawleys Island. A place with quiet pathways, sculptors, and of course gardens of different sizes. A nice place to visit and when I think about it I get mad at myself for not making time and driving down there because it is so relaxing.

  4. A beautiful sculpture garden, my favorite is the ´oil snake´. Should be nice in my garden.

  5. What a wonderland, Marja! I am blown away by this treasure throve of art. A depth of understanding that only art can reveal is everywhere in your world but I must admit that you standing under that bright umbrella stole the show. :)

    1. thanks It is my friend though She will be pleased with that She likes steeling the show :)

  6. That must have been quite a fun day! I like the sculptures you showed. I took a peek at the Raspberry Café – looks like a great place for lunch.

  7. What a great way to spend the day! The sculptures are really awesome. Thanks for sharing this secret place :)

  8. Those are amazing sculptures! It is so lovely when a country can provide a nice space for these arts and maintain them very well like that in the photos. Where is Tai Pui, by the way? Thanks also for dropping by my post, i have been posting everything about my visit to NZ. My 21 days of visit produced a lot of photos and blogposts.

  9. Hi Marja - what a wonderful place to visit .. I loved the Oil Snake - great description and sculpture. The Waiting for St Francis Gateway .. is stunning too ... while the birds flying off .. very clever sculptures ... cheers Hilary

  10. Hallo Marja,

    Prachtige fotos, vooral de laatste - 'wave of swallows' ! If your camera wasn't co-operating, it doesn't show. Mooie plek om zo te gaan wandelen.

    Fijne week !

  11. Looks like a lovely garden to spend time enjoying the sculptures. Isn't Neil Dawson the guy who did the 'Chalice" in Cathedral Square?

  12. Wow.. what lovely sculptures.. You visit the most amazing places.. Loved that you shared these Marja.. Love and Hugs.. :-) xxx

  13. What wonderful sculptures. I so love art in all its' forms. To be able to visit somewhere like fortunate for you.


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