Friday, 28 October 2016

Make a slideshow for your blog with Google slides

Our garden delight

Do you want to put your photos in a slide show and include it in your blog?
Some people asked how to do that so I will give an explanation. It's not hard
If you have a Google Account and those with blogspot do, you automatically have access to Google Drive where you can back up your documents and photos but also use programmes like Google slides.
You can search for Google drive and login with your Gmail address or click on the 9 dots when you are already signed in and select Drive.

Within Drive select My Drive at the top, next to the blue 'New' button. Accordingly select  the programme Google slides.
Within Google slides select Slide and then New Slide
When your new slide is on the screen
Select image --------------------------------------

Select Choose an image to upload and navigate to where you stored the picture, select it and click Open. If you want a nice design click on Explore on the right side at the bottom and select a design you like.
Keep repeating till you inserted all your photos
When you are finished select the File tab and then Publish to web
Select Embed which is located next to the word Link
Tick the boxes and select publish. You receive now a piece of HTML code
Copy and paste the code in the HTML part when you create a new post in Blogger.

If you want to continue your post and add some text than press compose and finish your post. Done :)

Sorry, I don't know about Wordpress.

Have fun!
Let me know if you have any questions


  1. Your garden is looking fabulous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Hi Marja - thanks for the idea .. if I had a garden as good as yours - I'd be very happy using a slide show ... lovely to see though .. cheers Hilary

  3. Hi Marja

    Thanks for this information. I love dusing Picasa and I'm now trying to get used to Google photos. Your garden is beautiful!

  4. Thanks a lot. I'll try to learn the topic of blog slideshow with google slides, by following your above detailed instructions.

  5. Wow, your garden looks fabulous - just as ours are packing up for the year!

  6. Thanks for the tip, Marja! Been looking for it before this!


  7. Thank you so much. I didn't even know the first thing about this and can't wait to get enough good photos to try. Am in post election day shock right now but hopefully life will go on.

  8. Thank you for this Marja, I didn't know you could do this on blogger.. :-) xxx


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