Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stopovers on our trip last year

It is about a year ago that we went for a visit to family and friends in the Netherlands. On the way back we planned a few stops as we thought that breaking up the trip a bit would make us less tired.
That really didn't work but we saw a lot of new beautiful places. Our first stopover was in Zurich.
An old wealthy city were we stayed a day. We than traveled to Zug by train were we stayed the nigh in someones flat we booked through Air BNB and returned to the airport the next day. We also had one night in Singapore were we wanted to avoid the shops so we went to a nice island not far from the airport. Underneath some impressions of our trip.

Blowing bubbles in Zurich


  1. Switzerland is expensive but beautiful. Singapore is hot. I bet you have lots of memories of this trip.

  2. Goed idee om zo nog wat te zien van andere landen behalve vliegvelden en lange zitten in een vliegtuig.

  3. I like your slideshow with pictures from Zurich, Zug and Pulau Bin island. Even a brief stopover can give an idea of the beauty of a place and add a lot to one's travel experiences.The coffe beans plant is an interesting sight.

  4. My wife was able to visit Zurich a couple of years back because of business. Now she and my daughter are going to England next month while I once again stay home and take care of the house. Yeah, you might be able to tell I'm not thrilled with this reoccurring situation.

    1. We always take turns when things like that happen. Next time when it is your turn you both come to NZ and let the kids look after the home

  5. Die grote bubbel is leuk! Hier staat ook wel eens een meneer van die joekels te blazen, en daar word ik altijd super blij van :-)

  6. I’ve never seen a bubble so very big and I’ve never been to Zug, although I’ve been to Switzerland. Your photos are fantastic … a joy to see. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Nice photos Marja. It sounds like a great trip.

  8. Lots of beautiful places in the world Marja, Great Giant bubble.. :-) Wish we could enclose ourselves in one at times..
    Sending Much love your way.. We went to Scotland again in and were there while this was posted.. We had a lovely time and great views too..
    Hope you and yours are all well my friend..
    Sending Love your way
    Sue xxx


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