Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The parcel

Flash fiction for aspiring writers

photo by Dorothy

"Ok William, good you are here, as we must pick up a parcel. We'll have to take the tandem”
“A tandem?” Said William
“Don’t worry I show you what to do. I do the steering. I shift gear, you shift gear. We should paddle fast as it is of life importance that we pick up the parcel before 4.00 pm.”
“ Why?” asked William
“There is no time to lose. Come.”

 They setoff and Michael raised his voice. “Go left - Shift to third gear – Careful, a hole in the road.”
“What”? screamed William.
 “A hoooooole”. Suddenly they lost their balance.
“Are you ok” asked Michael.
“I think so” said William. “My leg hurts.”
“Quick only 5 minutes to go.” 

They went back on the bike. Michael spotted the automatic gates which were slowly closing. “Come” said Michael "We have to go through there” They went faster and faster but the gate completely closed just when they arrived.

163 words


  1. This is great Marja! I've never ridden a tandem and after reading this I don't think I ever want to!

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  2. All that effort and just too late!

  3. Good story with a bit of mystery (what's in the parcel?) and a little message(hurrying might bring one nowhere).
    Anyway, perhaps on foot or on a regular cycle they would have arrived on time, before the automatic gates closed on them.

  4. Bad luck this time , i guess.
    A lovely read, Marja.
    Best wishes,

  5. Oh bummer! They almost made it in time! If they hadn't had that wreck, they would have. Great story!

  6. I never have ridden a tandem...But would like to...

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  7. Well done, with a touch of mystery.

  8. This one looks exciting .
    i never ride on even bicycle so looking at this moving pic and reading this very interesting and thrilling story making me thrill .
    loved the way of your description dear Marja!

  9. An interesting read. Fast and intriguing.

  10. I dont want ever to ride a tandem bike.
    so sad that despite all efforts they couldn't make before the gates closed.

  11. Mysterious. What were they picking up? What is behind the gate. Well done.


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