Wednesday, 7 August 2019

I received love

prompt safety for Poets United

I received love 

I have been in a place where
shining silver fell of stars
leaving black spikes to cut me
safety dissolved in a puddle of ruby red
there was nowhere to run
I looked at the bare teeth of life
and before I could breathe
I was eaten by darkness
I stood there in the night
like a bare boned tree
lifting its many arms up to the sky

pleading for help

My prayers got answered
I took refuge in the eyes
of one who’s skin I never felt
but who touched me beyond the flesh
so deep that I could hear entrancing
echoes bouncing off a thousand walls
I buried this sound in silk tears
which like lapping waves
flushed away my sorrow
creating a space for singing violins
Hands grabbed around the slender
waist of my feelings to
toss them into silk dreams
My god I received a love


  1. What a powerful and affecting poem - very well written

  2. "My prayers got answered" The best & safest space one can be in. The image of the bare teeth of life, bare bone tree lifting its many arms and being consumed by darkness is chilling and heartbreaking. A beautiful poem.

  3. "My prayers got answered" - how wonderful! That line is the heart and soul of your little poem.
    We all pray to Heaven (God, the universe, the super power) for help when we're in some kind of danger. I constantly pray to God to prevent danger. I believe in His protection, and like you I also feel I get love.

  4. Wow! Such splendid imagery! "shining silver fell of stars
    leaving black spikes to cut me
    safety dissolved in a puddle of ruby red . . . "
    In these days, LOVE and its "singing violins" is the best feeling of safety. Thank you.

  5. I like the split you have created between the two stanzas. The first stanza feels of blood and bone, but the second is of touch and skin even if it is "never felt" it creates a sense of wholeness to a being.

  6. This is so lovely. What wonderful imagery, and what a huge love! It is lovely to read you, Marja!

  7. What an awesome adventure!
    Thank you Marja for dropping by to read mine


  8. What a passionately told lyrical poem. A pray answered, and to know it is answered, is a blessing, indeed.

  9. Oh what a nice post! I love everything :)

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  10. What a beautiful poem that seemed to acknowledge the love and sympathy for all New Zealanders by your leader.

  11. What a wonderful thing to have your prayers answered when you have reached the depths of despair.

  12. Glad to read this phrase of your poem: "My prayers got answered"....
    May god bless you, yours and all of us

  13. A great poem and super photo.


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