Sunday, 12 July 2020

One Mother's Stone

One Mother's Stone

She holds a stone against her heart
her rock in wild weather
as a storm whirls and swirls
in the shadow of her mind
sinking into her stomach
settling into a soft swelling
She breathes deeply to sweep
away the sensations she feels
as her child suffers.
She utters that the world
spits out the slow
not made for this show
of efficient, proficient achievers
to fill the masters pockets faster

That’s not fair to say
But hey, doesn’t every flower
deserve to bloom
even if it is just for one day
She feels this weight  
she consults the stone
and puts it down to rest
Moving lightly through this world
wishing she could give him, her eyes
to see magic through silvery mist
but all she can do is sit aside
his slow moving river
invested with toxins
Sprinkling some sunshine
plucked from her heart
Hoping, yes always hoping, that
one day, she can throw this stone away


  1. Mothers – so well-versed in endurance!

  2. Being a mother and grandmother, your poem really spoke to me, Marja. I like the way the stone represents her child, pain and strength. I especially love the lines:
    ‘She feels this weight
    she consults the stone
    and puts it down to rest’.

  3. The nuances of this poem are fascinating. Great write!

  4. The watching helplessness of a mother is like no other when her child suffers, all the while hoping to sprinkle a little fairy dust of optimism into that deep well.

  5. So many quotable lines, Marja... quotable because of their relatability and depth of feelings. The hurt at not always been able to keep up with the demands (and speed) of the world is palpable. I hope, for her (and for the rest of us), that we "can throw this stone away."

  6. Bravo for the strenght if a mother's heart
    Happy Sunday


  7. A loving mother is a wonderful thing to have when the world rejects you for not fitting into a particular mold. I know more than one mother who has dedicated themselves to try to make a change in the world so their little ones can move more easily in it.

  8. Hi Marja - not being a mother ... but I can empathise more so as I've got old when I look back. Your poem is very powerful ... take care - Hilary

  9. This went straight to my mother's heart. I can't choose a favorite line to share because it would be the entire poem.

  10. This is such a palpable write--the loving mother always carries a heavy burden.

  11. Every flower does deserve to bloom - yes!

  12. Yes, she got it right. the world is for the achievers, not for the slow ones.
    But even a stone deserves to be cared for, even a one-day flower deserves to bloom.
    Great poem, Marja!


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