Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Flowers for the children

Garden as many flowers as possible for children to pick.
Anne Scott-James

Picture from http://www.pics4learning.com/

Part of my life I worked hard to improve my shortcomings. I realised that there were certain things I couldn't do which were relatively easy for others. I had the "smart" thought if I worked hard enough I'll be as good as somebody else. It was a lot of effort and I didn't gain a lot. Except
for driving a car, luckily I can do that now. Later I made the remarkable discovery that God gave me my own share of special gifts. I became myself and focus more on my strength. I don't have to work so hard now to gain a lot. One of my gifts is that I relate well to children. Since I am married I had many part time jobs and did volunteer work involving children. No, I don't know the best games. I am not good at getting them organised or teach them how to cook for example (they teach me).

I'd like to believe that the moments I share with them; moments of exploring the world;moments of playing, laughing and sharing thoughts; That these moments of learning and experiencing life are becoming attached to feelings of happiness. Carrying this into the future they might not end up having the biggest garden but they will certainly have beautiful flowers in it.
Love Marja

A Child's world
by Mayke Blom

Candy floss
and puppy dogs

pink fluffy clouds
Carrying floating smiles
in this round inflated palace
After every tick of a tock

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