Thursday, 19 July 2007

Just a joke

Hi, this week william installed a new hard disk and I installed all the drivers, software, files and more software and more. So I hang the sign on the door wich reads "My house was tidy yesterday, Sorry you just missed it" But at least everything on the computer works. We already waved to Bert through the newly installed webcam. We have a new luxery now that Mayke can go on the internet on her own computer (thanks for the help with the router broo, it was however another simple mistake) and we can call now while the internet is on. I suffer from computer overload now. That's why this week you only get a joke from me. The ones who know my joke telling abilty may leave now. Cheers Marja

A kiwi and a Dutch guy where sitting in the bar drinking beer. The Kiwi lifted his glas, looked into it and saw a big, chubby fly splashing in his beer. "Bagger, there is a fly in my beer" he said. He ordered a new one. Than the Dutch guy wanted to take a sip and yes he too had a chubby fly in his beer. "Potverdory, there is a fly in my beer too" he said. He carefully picked up the fly by its wings, held it above the glass and said" spit it out, spit it out"


  1. hahahahahaha hahahahaha haha hahahahaa hahahahaha hahahaha
    wat een fun !!!

  2. That's dreadful. Can see we're gonna have aggro with you lot!!!!

  3. This is my favourite joke though

  4. Doesn't matter. Some people will not take kindly to this, and you might very well end up before the R.S.P.C.F. And please don't pretend that you have never heard of them!
    What's the name, again? M-A-R-J-A. Right!

  5. By the way I know the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Flies very well. Don't worry I am very wel known in cicles of protection of flies
    activist groups. Didn't you know
    they are trying to stop alcohol abuse amongst these species!!!!

  6. Very well, Marja, this will be n.f.a.'d because of your charity work. BUT......we shall be checking your blog very regularly! Promise.

  7. Thanks Dickiebo Will hop over to
    your site as well


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