Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Simple Cuisine

I hope the flowers on this picture distract you from my baking. Although the look is not perfect, the taste was good. The children have two weeks of holiday so I thought I'll be good and make some snacks. Baking is not my piece of cake. I get my piece of cake usually from Ann at work who is a star in this area. She gave me a simple recipe which I will share with you underneath. New Zealand has a baking culture and nearly every one here has a copy of Edmonds Cookery Book on his or her shelf. The book is filled with cakes, biscuits and scones. William picks it up sometimes and makes muffins or chocolate chippies with Mayke or Davy. Proudly I hand over these handmade products when the children have to bring a plate (for outsiders this plate has to be filled) to school or when they go on camp. When I have to make a contribution it is easy to discover mine because my home baking usually comes from the supermarket, although I get more and more backup from other supermarket-stuff-providing-mums. I've got a good excuse however. I have a defective baking gene so I leave it to you next time.

a la Ann

6 slices of sandwich
1/4 cup of milk
2 eggs
handful of grated cheese
cutup slice of ham or bacon
Handful of diced vegetables (e.g. onion, mushrooms, peppers, corn)

Cut the crust of the sandwiches and butter them.
Press the sandwiches in a muffin tray with the buttered side downunder.
In a bowl stirr 2 eggs and add milk, salt and peper, cheese, ham and vegetables.
Fill up 3/4 of the sandwiches.
Bake it in the oven about 1/4 hour at 230 degrees.

Enjoy, marja


  1. jaaaaaaaaah en dan is er koffie .......

    p.s. oefening baart kunst


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