Friday, 31 August 2007


This morning we had a yummy breakfast with nearly all the staff from the children's home.
On the photo is only half of the team. The pictures of the other half turned out dark. It was however a morning full of lightness and laughter. I am lucky to work with such amazing people. All with their own strength and who work pretty well together thanks to a wonderful boss. And if you might think we had a champagne breakfast than you're wrong. The beautiful glasses were a late birthday present. I did have to much coffee though. Yep I am one hell of a lucky woman. Jealous?


  1. Yay! Count your blessings, indeed. I believe that we usually attract persons of similar ilk around ourselves. Clearly you do, also.

  2. Hello Marja
    I will try to write this in English.
    Wonderfull to see you so happy in your workspace, I know you like the kind of work very much, also loving the people you work with, is a real bonus!
    I also read Mayke's poems, very impressive, for a 13 years old.
    She looks like a fine little lady already.
    Love ta erad about your life, down under.
    Many greetings!


  3. Of course I'm jealous! I'm going to sit here and hold my breath, turn blue, Er, make faces until, well, I don't exactly know...giggles

    Happy belated birthday Marja. I just check into my email and will respond stat. Thank you for a timely reply!

    ~cheers to much laughter!~

  4. Lovely article and lovely pics!! You are a lovely person and it shows.

  5. Hi Sil, my friend, nice to meet you here

  6. I thaught you would be jealous ambre Ha but don't turn blue

  7. Hi Marja! I hope you are having a nice weekend! It's been very hot here. Your breakfast looks like it was a lot of fun -- such beautiful faces all around.!!

  8. nice to read someting about your work. I am working with children to for about 10 years as a kind of fosterparent and I hope to see something of your workspace when I come back to New Zealand.

  9. Thanks Clare, Overhere we just starting spring. Still cold

    I will show you Bert They will love you.


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