Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I've been tagged by a nice person named Clare who gave her facts in Haiku form. These are the rules:

  • Players start with eight random fact/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules.

  • At the end of you blog, you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

  • Don't forget to leave them a comment, telling them they're tagged and that they should read your blog for directions.

Here are 8 things about me:

Favourite animal

The butterfly. It is not only a symbol of beauty but there is more to it. The Greek word psyche means soul as wel as butterfly. Butterfly being the symbol of change.

My long Term Goal

Helping to improving the lives of children. I believe in the butterfly effect. Translated to my goal: By improving the life of only one child you improve the lives of future generations, families and people around them.


To write a book and to travel

Ingredients that make my day

Things that make me laugh, a walk through the wonderful parks of NZ, a good meal and a glas of wine with a friend, laughing, learning something interesting and did I mention laughing.

Central theme in my life

Learning disabilities. I am dyspraxic. I am fine but did you know that boys get affected worse? Did you know that 50 % of dyslexics are dyspraxic? Did you know that 50 % of the prison population has a learning disability and that we can reduce this number by recognising this problem in children---relax marja, that will do-----Thanks for your attention.

Important day

Take the date of this posting add 3 days and you get my birthday

Most favourite music

Andrea Bocelli

New Hobbies

Blogging and writing poems. The next is in the form of a rhym. :)
This blog is what I am all about. Most of it is mine.
It doesn't get much better though, I don't have so much time.

Ok that was easy. Now I have to choose 8 people. I set myself the challenge to find people from 8 different countries and unite them on my page.

Australia Shari
Canada Deirdre
England Tim
India Preeti
Singapore Chee
The Netherlands Birgit
United States Maya
Zambia Jayne

Greetings to the world, marja


  1. Thank you marja I am honored and will do the tagging later today.

  2. Hi Marja.I'm amazed that we share many common interests.I too am passionate about children(in fact I do workshops with children on developing thinking skills)I also volunteer with underpriviled children.
    I too dream of writing a book.
    And nice to know that your birthday is just three days away!

    I had alreay done this tag.You can view it by clicking here

  3. Thanks Shari I will visit you again
    to read your beautiful poems

  4. I loved your tagging post. We have something else in coming. love for
    (non-fiction) books. I have got Edward the Bono's thinking skills
    book. Do you use his teachings?

  5. Oh yes.I have read his book on lateral thinking. I use lateral,creative and critical thinking--simplify it to make it 'achievable' for the children(I dont want them to ever get discouraged or think that they can't!) Will write a post about it sometime.
    That tag i did was supposed to be funny :)

  6. Hi Marja
    I found your blog cuz I was looking for blogs about learning disabilities. I found more than that on your blog - I liked it alot. I am in Leeds, UK. I would like to live in NZ - i've been twice. In the UK I work with young people with learning disabilities. I am an illustrator and help to make information more accessible for people with LD.
    I will check your blog again - Thanks!

  7. Dear ps, I think I have read that one as well. The one I've got at home is esspecially for teaching children and works with the 6 thinking hats. It is an attention directing tool. They have to put a white hat on for example and than only approach the problem for neutral information. White means blank paper. So no emotions no suggestions. So every hat approaches it from a different angle. Very interesting They starting to use it at schools but unfortunately mostly with gifted children.

  8. Dear Jo, I am so happy that my blog is helpful. I think as an illustrator you are very important because as you know most children are very visual. If you ever end up in Christchurch I will assist you as much as I can!

  9. Hi I have done my 8 things about me.. tho i will struggle to find 8 people to invite. LOL

  10. Thanks Tim I will come and have a look and the web is full of people to tag lol.

  11. Hi Marja! I really enjoyed reading the 8 things about you! I love what you wrote about helping children and the butterfly effect -- and how future generations can be touched and their lives improved by helping a child now. There is such hope in that -- it's wonderful! And I really appreciate your including the link about dyspraxia -- I found it very interesting. It's great that you are helping increase awareness of learning disabilities. Thank you for doing this tag!! Oh, I really like Andrea Bocelli too!

  12. Thanks Clare, liked doing it. Keeps
    me focussed.


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