Sunday, 19 August 2007


Last week I was talking to somebody when suddenly we got interrupted. "Excuse me for a minute" the man said. He grasped his mobile phone out of his pocket and turned it on. Than he walked away, leaving me to wait for ages.
While I was standing there, I became aware of the power of that piece of electronics. It must be impossible to ignore the unknown caller. Every call could contain a potential important message. Was that the attraction of the cellphone? I still live in the dinosaur age, not being able to handle a cellphone properly. Now I must admit that talking on the phone is not my favourite pas time. I like to talk to people in person. Furthermore, a speech and language therapist told me once that not all sounds are transmitted over the line. That means that you hear only some sounds in a word on the phone. Your brain fills in the gaps from it's memory. With English as my second language I don't seem to have a database with English sounds. This makes the phone an even more difficult form of communication for me.
For most people however the cellphone seems to be an extension of their arms. They use it in the car, supermarket, anywhere. They use it to bully and even to find a boy or girlfriend. My husband told me that when he spent some time in a Dutch pub a few years ago, he noticed that teenagers threw coasters towards the opposite sex. My brother explained to him that people write their cellphone numbers on it. When a particular boy or girl is interested, they respond with a text message.
For me the cellphone has a big advantage as well however. I am able now to reach my children at all times. Like last time when one of them was late. I thought ha, I will track you down with my cellphone-------------it was turned off!

Call you later, Marja


  1. I try to use my cellphone as little as possible, my daughter however has TWO and uses them all the time she can text faster then anyone I have ever seen.
    Have a great weekend, what is left of it anyway.

  2. They are definitely for the younger generation. My son lives and dies on the bloody thing. I carry (a very ancient) one for emergency use. e.g. in case of an accident in the car. Anytime I get a call - about once every 3 months - I can't remember (and can't see cos I don't like wearing my glasses!!!) which button to press to receive the call, so usually end up cutting-off the caller. My son now tells his mates that I simply carry it to show-off! As if I would.

  3. Hi Marja, you left a comment on my blow, Magdalen Islands, but I couldn't reply. I just saw this comment on "Coffee Anyone" and thought I'd give it a try.

    I to am a cell phone user as far as my family is concerned. No on else has the number and I like keeping it that way. Experienced, I am not.

  4. Thanks all, glad that I am not the only one. I guess you are right about the younger generation.
    I even know a girl who can type the text in without looking.

  5. ...speaking of texting, did you know that Repetitive Strain Injury is becoming quite a problem with youngsters who are damaging the mustle at the base of the thumb. That's the perfect excuse for not doing it as far as I'm concerned!

  6. I didn't know that Keith. Indeed an excellent excuse.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for posting it.


  8. They are a practical tool as well as necessary these days it seem. Love your awards.

  9. I couldn't leave the house without my cellphone. I feel so "incomplete" without it. ^-^


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