Friday, 7 September 2007

poem about lunar eclipse

10 days ago on a Tuesday night we witnessed a beautiful lunar eclipse. Mayke really enjoyed it and I just found her poem about it.

In a million eyes
a glow of red shines
from a painted marble
in the sky
My brother and I
crackle neckbones
while the blue air
tickles our fingers
Passing clouds smog our sight
and time decays
But that single moment
stays with us forever


  1. We tried to get up early to watch this but didn't make it. This is gorgeous and I love the poem with it.

    Sending a huge hello your way from Oklahoma.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a fab sight, Marja. Would make a lovely background for something on a blog sidebar!

  3. Beautiful poem Marja! I too missed the eclipse...

    Perhaps next time...


  4. Hi Marja

    Your daughter, Mayke has captured the moment so exquisitely in her well crafted poem. The rhythmic flow is just right as the words roll off my tongue in the most delightful way I kept telling myself that Mayke is truly a young poet gifted in the art of painting beautiful moments with words. The poet in her shines.

    Thank you Marja for sharing her creative artistry on your blog so I can enjoy reading her muse. I look forward to be reading more of her artistry as well as your own creations.




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