Sunday, 9 September 2007


"Attention, it's time". No not for you. It's one of the voices I hear in my head. The attention one comes back every spring. When I hear that voice I first think I am delusional. No, Marja that voice is not really there, it doesn't really exist. It hits me again same place, same time every year; "Attention, it's time" What happens first is that the temperature goes up. The sun shines brightly and than.............First of all I keep going as if spring didn't arrive. I keep wearing my beloved turtlenecks. Next, little droplets appear on my forehead. I try I must have started menopause. The droplets keep coming. It's not a flash Marja, it's the sun. Time to start wearing your summer wear. I open the wardrobe, have a peek, try something on. Ooops too small. Must have been greedy last winter. There is the voice again "Attention it's time". I find another way out. I jump in the car, stroll to the shop, grab an XL out of a rack and than.............I gasp for breath. There it is in full view. There is nowhere to hide. Shall I run. There is too much of me in the mirror. The voice gets through to me now. " Attention, it's loose weight!
First I wail, no wine and cheese? No steak with mushroom sauce? Than the voice carries on; "you can keep on wearing your turtlenecks, you can spent all your money on a new outfit which still won't keep your son from saying " do I get a new brother mum?" Yeh he is charming isn't he. I surrender, the next couple of weeks beware. I will be grumpy and grouchy. I will however loose weight to get rid of that voice again.

Grrrr, Marja


  1. Come on, Marja. Give us the figures!

  2. Thanks Bert.

    Grrr DO you want figures. You can get figures. The population of NZ is 4.235.152 There your figure.

  3. I LOVE it!! Great job Marja!

    Very clever turn around with that one. 'population' indeed..



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