Monday, 29 October 2007

Botanic Gardens 2

This is the fountain at the other entrance of the gardens, next to Canterbury museum and opposite the Art Centre. As you can see here are the Tulips from Christchurch (not as in the Dutch song Tulips from Amsterdam)

Can you hear the angels singing, tralalalala lalalala. These angels sit in the conservatory, or as we call it the hot house. Full of tropical plants and flowers.

A beautiful sight on the information centre, next to the cafe.
When you walk in this part of the gardens it is like you are in the middle of the bush full of native trees. This is Williams favourite place. He loves ferns.


  1. Such amazing pictures!How lucky to be able to enjoy such beauty.

  2. great to see a peace of the botanic gardens again and i know that these gardens be among the most beautiful in the world.

  3. Gorgeous!! The Graden of Eden was the original peaceful spot!

    HAppy MM.

  4. Such a beautiful calming and poetic scene - I so luv to see Botanic Gardens - and your delightful photo's - enhance all the more...

  5. What a beautiful day you must have had!

  6. How gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. It looks so lovely and peaceful.

  7. Wow Marja,
    What delightful photographs you share with us. New Zealand looks like such a wonderful place. I hope to visit it one day really soon. It is my Husbands dream to go to New Zealand and everytime he mentions it I say "Next Year" lets hope it will be next year.

    Take care have a great week Melinda

  8. Hi Marja! These are such beautiful photos -- what an amazing place!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Ps I do feel very blessed

    Can't wait till you come Miss you

    Aunty belle I do feel sometimes I am in paradise

    Thanks Philosophyoflife

    Wynn nearly every sunday is great

    Thanks Tara

    Melinda if you come to Christchurch I'll show you around

    Thanks Clare

  10. Your second posting about botanic gardens but these pictures are adorable; I love the flowers

  11. I see why you love this beautiful garden!
    What an awe inspiring place it is!!!!!!

  12. Heaven on earth! Our gardens are very dull this time of year so it was a joy to see your pics.

  13. Wonderful pictures. I also feel blessed to live in beautiful NZ.


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