Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I found the prompt Renewal for writers Island quite hard but had a try anyway

RENEWAL By Marja Blom
He lost everything he thought
 Everything he had lived for
He felt as if a warm coat
had dropped from his shoulders
He stared out of the window
His reflection mirrowing the tree

dark mood
loosing touch
wrinkles fall
loosing grace
shrivelling down
energy gone
ending up
 Bare, cold, hopeless

After a time of darkness
his heart quieting down
 he listened to his voice inside
 "you can loose everything but not yourself"
 some light began to shine
Things appeared more clearly
Time for renewal He stared out of the window
His reflection mirrowing a tree

Opening up
unfolding layer
 after layer
 until life in full bloom
A burst of colour
 refreshing the mind
carrying fruits of wisdom
Renewed energy
and youth appeared


  1. Well done Marja!
    That was beautiful.

  2. what an amazing tribute to hope and the beliefe that hope is often enough......

  3. Well Marja, if this is the result of "giving it a try"... I thought it was beautiful,

    (oftewel heel mooi :))


  4. This is wonderful, Marja. So much sentiment and life and realism with the photos of the trees.

  5. Very positive.
    I too found the prompt difficult.I wanted to write a poem(which you have accomplished rather well) but ended up with prose.

  6. So beautiful Marja! Love it! A renewal :)

  7. ah nice, what good things renewal can do to one.. thanks for sharing

  8. mooi ik kan me er alles bij voorstellen zoals je weet.............

    ga zo door!!!!


  9. we cannot lose ourselves - such a hopeful message set in a lovely poem

  10. A very beautiful rendition. Gives hope that life is always blooming.



  11. No matter what we think, we can never lose ourselves. That is renewal for me! Thanks for this post!

  12. Your poem is so beautiful,Marja! I love it!

    Steffi ;O)

  13. This is my first visit to your site. I am so glad I came. Your tender but telling words and images filled me with RENEWAL. Lovely...


  14. Marja,

    I always enjoy coming here and reading what you have to offer, whether a personal excursion with family, or tales, or this piece here, it's beautiful and reflects that gentle soul of yours.

  15. This is lovely, from bare branch to full bloom.. thank you Marja.

  16. Great post for the prompt--even if it was hard! Beautiful lake and sunrise on your header, too!

  17. Beautiful poem and nice pictures.

    Do you write also for other sites? I wished I could ask this by email but I don't know how to reach you?
    (You can find mine in my blog)

  18. the rebirth of youthful hope after the realization that one can never lose oneself. I really enjoyed your poem. It was a GREAT try!!

  19. Tanks Meggie

    There is a lot of strength in hope

    Oh wat leuk Josie om nederlands te horen

    yeh I love trees magdalen island

    PS i never know were I end up with when I start

    Thanks Caty

    Rambler I think renewal is a necessary process to make us grow

    Thanks Jo

    Leuk je hier te zien Pieter bedankt

    Pauline No I've heard a storie from a person in a concentration camp. They took everything from him but not his spirit and he survived.

  20. Rose Dewie Knickers no it is not always blooming only at some seasons.

    Gautami happy renewal

    thanks my friend steffi

    Rebicmel I always feel honoured when yo see these nice things

    Thanks lea

    pepektheassasin. Yeh the header is a photo from a lake on the West coast of the South Island

    Bedankt Erik. Ik mail wel een keer

    Thanks you awareness

  21. That is beautiful, and the end is so uplifting. I need that this time of year.

  22. thanks for your visit! great to have you in my "good feeling"! :))
    big kiss and have a great week! :)))

  23. Marja, You are so talented! I really loved this, and it came at a perfect time for me. What a gift your blog is~


    BTW, the expression "under the weather" is an old sailer's term. According to another reader that is. LOL!

  24. Robin happy you liked it.

    Thanks Apo you have a great week too

    Dear Ann I just try my best and I am still surprised that real writers are coming here to read it.

  25. Marja - what a triumph!

    It makes my humble effort look like a nursery rhyme in comparison.

    Looks like you have a new string to your bow.

  26. But we are all real somewhere in the world Marja. This is a neat post and I like it.

  27. I really enjoyed reading this. Well done.

  28. Hi Marja! Beautiful!!! I love this and the fluid cycle of darkness and light, being closed and opening. Really, really lovely.

  29. like the tree he gathers strength for renewal in the darker times ... I like the comparison very much

    Groetjes uit Groningen!!!

  30. this is beautiful Marja I think that I am really going to have to give this site a try.

  31. Thanks you Keith and ehh you know that's not true

    Mary Timme yes we are real but it just feels stange and exciting

    Oh Clare you are always so wonderful

    Fenney thanks and nice to meet you
    tot ziens

    Good luck Jadey


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