Sunday, 7 October 2007

Riccarton Bush

We were planning to go to sunday market in Riccarton. It was closed because it was raining in the morning. Told you they are afraid of water. We went therefore to another part of this suburb in Christchurch, for a stroll in Riccarton bush. We first passed Riccarton House, A Victorian/ Edwardian homestead which was buit in three stages. The first stage was ready in 1856 and Jane Dean and her son went to live here. Jane arrived in NZ in 1852 to marry John Dean. John died of TBC however in 1853.

This is where the first settlers, the Scottisch William and John Dean lived. Dean's cottage is the oldest building in Canterbury. William Dean drawned in 1851.

We than went through Riccarton Bush. It is a protected area of 15.7 acres of native bush in the middle of Riccarton. This is how the Canterbury plains looked like a few centuries ago. The forest is about 3000 years old. The flounders are built to protect the roots of the trees which swirl like snakes above the forest floor and because in winter a part turns into a swamp.

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The trees are touching the sky. These are the about 600 year old Kahikatea trees (white pine)


  1. I can't imagine anything more relaxing than a stroll through the trees. Thanks for putting this up. I think I'll go for a walk.

  2. Hi Marja,
    Came via Heather K's blog hope you don't mind me stopping by. I absolutely love the photos you have posted. Riccarton looks like such a lovely place. I noticed you are originally from the Netherlands boy New Zealand is so different from where you are from. My parents are both from the Netherlands, they moved here to Victoria 34 years ago.

    Anyways feel free to drop past my blog anytime. Take care Melinda

  3. Can't beat a bit of nature. I like the big house.

  4. Magdalen Island that's what I like best having a stroll on the hills or in the forest

    Yeh Riccarton is a suburb of Christchurch. There are so many good spots in Christchurch to go to so I still have a lot of photo's to take.

    You're right you can't. Like the big house to.

  5. Wow--Really felt I had walked to Riccarton.Nicely told and lovely pictures too.
    Thanks for the award!

  6. I realy love Riccarton Bush. it's like walking in a little paradise.
    I also love the botanical gardens in christchurch, hope to see some pics on your blog soon.

  7. Thanks PS

    Bert you will see it all

  8. Great post and wonderful pictures,Marja!I like it!

  9. You make me feel quite homesick for Christchurch. It is a truly lovely City, & I still miss it.

  10. It is gorgeous and to walk through that archway of vines and flowers wow. Beautiful

  11. Thanks Steffi

    Meggie I bet australia is beautiful as well

    Yes it is a special place rebicmel
    and it is like a jungle in the middle of a city

  12. This looks me a beautiful place and I like the pictures.

  13. very nice pics and I like the way you tell the readers about the buildings and the forest nice job.


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