Saturday, 27 October 2007


Just some rambling. Worked at the computer centre all Friday. The best time is when the children are coming after 3pm. They can go for free on the computers. They are not allowed to make much noice. So when they get a bit loud I look up from my work. They notice that straight away and go all shhh, quiet. I feel like a school teacher. I get to know some of them a bit better and I like them a lot.
Saturday I am working at the children's home. Hope the weather is fine than we can go to the park. I like them a lot too. I got a job offer today. A letter from the dyspraxia centre that they have a vacancy. It was and is my passion to increase the awareness about learning disabilities. I had to think this over. I decided that I won't work more hours, for several reasons. I don't want to give up my current jobs either. Besides I have now a new way of increasing awareness; through the Internet. I noticed that some of the articles about learning disabilities are well visited and I am very happy about it and my children too.
They don't want me too write anything or at least not much about them because that is embarrassing. They agree with me however that writing about their problems (only in general)
will help other children to be understood. So they stand behind me in this. So unless they give me the green light you won't hear that much about them and also not about my beloved home children because of the privacy Act.
I made some other decisions as well today. I am going to spent a little less time on blogging and a bit more on exercise. That suffered a lot lately and I miss my walks in the bush. I also need to loose 10 kg. I wasn't very successful lately in loosing weight but now I am determined, because
I otherwise I can't teach the boys here soccer anymore. They need too know more than rugby I think. Sorry KB. On the right you can keep track of my progress and can tell me off if there isn't.
Now that will do for today.

Have a smiley day, Marja


  1. I loved working with kids on computers. They are so smart and quick to pick up new things that I didn't or don't know.

  2. busy to, just like me.

  3. Yeah, it's good to have more than one sporting interest. Don't worry, I love rugby enough for the whole country, hehe

  4. You are very busy!And I like your nice picture of the flowers!Have a nice weekend!

  5. oh, dividing time...some are really having trouble with that,it's good you're smart to spend it.

    have a nice weekend!

  6. Hey Marja, wanted to stop by and say hello. Haven't been on for a few days so wanted to send some greetings your way. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Yeh it is amazing how good these kids are

    The all blacks must be happy with you KB

    Yes there are so many things to do

    Beautiful flowers he steffi

    Thanks Reign

    Always happy to see you rebicmel

  8. May I say - you do have a delightful blog - so warm in presentation and welcoming...

    I must admit I do enjoy my walks and often enables me to reflect on such poetry at times.

    Although the weather has somewhat changed recently - we still have autumn colour - which is so picturesque..

    Good luck with your work commitments - all worthy of praise.

  9. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead. I know I should spend less time on this machine and more time in the great outdoors.Best of luck!

  10. You take care, and enjoy every moment!


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