Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Stranger

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

The Stranger
A snoozing town
is curled up in a valley
when gossip shakes up
the walls of contentment
The voices are sneering:
"There is a stranger in town,
bringing decease and decline,
Taking the things that are mine."

The storm thunders
soaking a town in fear
tossing them in their beds
envisioning nightmares
until the next day;
A child touches the hand
of the child of the stranger
United by a universal code
they play with the stars
and get tagged by the sunlight

Their mothers warmed by the light
embrace and celebrate
each others exotic and
delightful new ways of being

The stardust spreads out
enchanting more
to dance with the wind
blowing through town
which has grown in number and beauty.


  1. absolutely beautiful.
    I added you to my blog, is that ok?

  2. There are some lovely lines in this: tagged by sunlight, when gossip shakes up the walls of contentmen, united by a universal code.

  3. Another lovely poem. The contrast between the third and sixth verses is wonderful

  4. Such a beautiful, positive sentiment. If only more people would strive to see "new" or "interesting" rather than "different" or "frightening".

    I love the image of children playing with stars and getting tagged by sunlight.

  5. magical and some of the lines were enchanting!

  6. Very strong imagenary ... beautiful!

    Groetjes uit Holland :-)

  7. and amazingly enough... we are all privy to just that kind of powerful act.. what joy i take in seeing a world where we actually use it.....

  8. Such a lovely poem, showing both ways one can view a stranger. Well done, you!

  9. Lovely poem. Children are born without prejudice. It is something they learned from parents and society.

  10. "The stardust spreads out
    enchanting more
    to dance with the wind"

    amazing, it was like a big metaphor for out lives.. or how it should be.

  11. Marja such a vivid poem full of imagery. Thanks for sharing hun!!!!

  12. I like how you start with contentment, which gets ruffled up by the entrance of the stranger, and then settles back down into contentment again by the end. Loverly.

  13. A child touches the hand
    of the child of the stranger
    United by a universal code

    I'm very impressed by this stanza - it seems to tell of the 6 degrees.

    Nice poem!

  14. This was beautiful. "bringing decease and decline, taking the things that are mine"...I loved these words, they expressed prejudice against anything unfamiliar so simply.

  15. Don't you wish things were like this everywhere??? Well said, Marja!

  16. Of course little wing I added you too

    Thank you Jo and Keith

    Yes it is all a matter of attitude
    Things become as you see them. Thanks Robin

    Thank you steve

    yes that's how it was meant to be.
    Thanks for your comment Gautami

    Bedankt Fenny. Alles goed in nederland?

    Yes we are all powerful and able to make a change Paisley

    Paris parfait Yes we have a choice in live

    Herb urban that's why I love children so much.

    Thank you very much rambler that touches me.

    Thank you my friend rebicmel

    Change is always difficult but the storm will pass

    Thanks you very much tumbleword. I am not quite sure what you mean by the 6 degrees

    Yes people are afraid of the unfamiliar

  17. Quite touching and quite beautiful in the end. Thanks.

  18. leave it to a child to reach past the fear...

  19. A beautiful piece of heart Marja.

    Thank you for your tears and prayers.

    I'm speaking with my son on the phone as I type this.


  20. Stranger one moment, friends the next...ah beautifully portrayed. Thank you for sharing.

  21. This is magical. The last stanza proves that.

  22. Hi Marja! What a wonderful vision of what is possible for humanity to embrace! And it's so true that it's often the children who reach out, letting play cross all boundaries and differences. Really lovely poem!!

  23. Very beautiful poem!I like it really!

  24. That is lovely Marja.
    I am always amazed at how beautiful you poetry is, in this, your second language! Well done.

  25. I had read this when you first posted it and for some reason, I come back and reread it and realize I never commented! Must have had a son pulling at me at that moment...lol
    So, here I am. I love the mom's of exotic part. It's like they have a secret life....

  26. Thanks so much all of you. And Amber so happy to see you smile.

  27. This is a beautifully vivid piece of writing, that I have sincerely enjoyed.


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