Sunday, 4 November 2007

Boatsheds and Art Centre

These pictures are still from last week, because this week I won't go anywhere. Got a cold which triggered some bad Astma. A very common problem in New Zealand. So this is part 3 from our walk.
The Avon River is meandering through Christchurch. Boating is and was therefore very popular. In 1882 the Antigua Boatsheds were built near the hospital Bridge, complete with a landing bridge, waiting room, dressing room and refreshment room. In the early days fine gentleman had tea here with their ladies. These days it is popular with children and tourists.
Here the weekend market at The Art Centre. Inside the Art Centre you can also find many arts and crafts shops. The building is Victorian Collegiate Gothic and was originally build in 1877 starting with the clock tower building. It was the first University and based on old English college traditions it represented the Oxford and Cambridge from back home. In the early years it was expanded to house a girls and a boys high school, to be completely taken over by the University in 1926. Ernest Rutherford was one of the University students.

In 1975 the University completely moved out an became the Art Centre. You can expect more pictures of it because there is a lot going on here during our Summer. The tram is also part of the interior of the central city. Here just passing the Art Centre. Below one of the buskers who provide entertainment. In January there is an international Busker festival in the city.

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  1. It all makes me so homesick! we lived directly opposit the Boat Sheds in our 100+ year old hotel, which has now been dismantled. the Grenadier Tavern- if you research it you may see it. I was wonderful, but very spooky to live in the building!! Our children used the river bank as our 'front yard'.

  2. I really have ta come down that end.........Stay healthy......

  3. Absolutely delightful photo's and certainly the university - made one reflect on my time both at Cambridge and Oxford too...

    One would say of the building - an identical twin - the only difference being - in the glorious weather - you have in New Zealand.

    I do hope your cold soon improves and you are able to enjoy the outdoors once again and it can be all the more when one has Asthma too.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the statue! Cold here too, and the asthma. Yuck.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Fantastic picture again,Marja!But sorry to hear about your Astma!I hope you feel better now!

  6. Meggie oh what a beautiful place the live. In the middle where everything is happening and close to the park. wow

    Ok steve let me know than

    Oh Peter you went too Oxford. I visited the place. It's wonderful

    Jeh I only have it since a couple of years and it makes a normal cold nasty

    Thanks Steff It is a bit better as long as I stay calm

  7. very interesting post! Love to see how life is arround the planet!
    big kiss from Portugal (the
    diametrically opposed country).

  8. I saw a similar statue of Einstein in Belgium. I don't know exactly where it was. I have to look for it because I have a picture of it.

  9. I saw a similar statue of Einstein in Belgium. I don't know exactly where it was. I have to look for it because I have a picture of it.


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