Monday, 5 November 2007

Unforgettable moments

When I read the new prompt "Unforgettable" for Writers Island I immediately started to trace my memory ...and got stuck. I've got an extremely bad memory. Or better It's is very hard to access it spontaneously. When opening a box with letters photo's and old papers I indulged in it for hours and I relived lots of unforgettable moments. I worked hard to put it into these words;

Unforgettable Moments

Unlocking the door to the remains of yesterday
 I enter a Colosseum where a king rules
by the law of Love Learning and Laughter
 hardwired and at the essence
of many unforgettable moments

I remember times surrounded by
a rainbow of Love, coloured by angels
warming my heart and sometimes
taking me up to a paradise
 where butterflies soar in Ecstasy

I witnessed a hunger to discover
 the mysteries of live, fighting to unravel them
squeezing secrets into words, followed by the delight
of the fruits of approval of the master
gratifying every taste bud

I chuckled at the priceless times of laughter
 when sparkling wit danced in comfort
 with senseless seriousness
 letting the soul fly with free spirited wings
lifted by the wind of happiness

Marja blom


  1. Rainbows kind of have that effect!

    ((((( Sigh! )))))

  2. Wow...that´s a really nice poem and the picture is fantastic.I love rainbows too!Have a nice day,Marja!


  3. You write such beautiful poetry--and capture images so vividly.

  4. Hi Mary

    He! Mary "Walraven" , your maiden name? What a co-incident, both our maiden names are'walraven'than. (Mijn achternaam bij mijn geboorte, van mijn vader)I still use my maiden name, because I like my name, its just a habit...

    I do write/speak as easy English as Dutch, so you can write in both languages...what you prefer...

    You visited my DUTCH/ENGLISH blog, so thanks for that..(art-boiled- egg)

    I don't know anyone from New Zealand yet, we almost were emigrated to NZ, but my mom did not wanted to go (scared I quess, with 4 little children ), I would have loved it to live in NZ,I think!

    So I like your blog also, are you a poemwriter by profession or for a hobby? You do it very well.

    I am sorry to hear about your astma, why more people have that in NZ? I hope you feel any better? Please come back to my blog, I will to yours...:)

    JoAnn WALRAVEN from Holland:)

  5. So very beautiful and makes one reflect on life and of memories too.

    In particular I so loved:

    "surrounded by a rainbow of Love"

    A delightful poem.

  6. They do steve

    Thanks Steffi and PS

    Joann we might be family far back so I had too add you

    Peter thanks so much. BTW I am unable to go into your blog anymore.

  7. very beautiful poem. memories always seem to take on a sweetness when we take them out and cherish them again. you captured this wonderfully!

  8. Marja
    "Unlocking the door
    to the remains of yesterday"
    You got me stuck there, just one sentence and I was doing the same unlocking the door.
    very beautiful

  9. Very beautiful poem! I saw a rainbow coming home from work last week. I took a few moments just to stare and stand in awe. There are a magical site.

  10. Marja - I knew we could rely on you to produce a wonderful post - and you have

  11. This was beautiful. Marja. Photographic memories, reliving have described them so well. Thank you.

  12. Oh, how lovely! Well written, Marja - thank you!

    Happy Tuesday,

  13. Very magical! Thanks!

  14. The wrestling was worth it. Beautiful poem.

  15. Such a lovely poem. I loved the line
    "squeezing secrets into words"A real dream like quality. Words paint pictures in our minds. If only it were always like the dream you have woven together. Well done!

    Beloved Dreamer

  16. Great images and the photo is sublime. Rainbows hold treasures!

  17. Greggo yes it seems that we only remember the good things in life.
    or at least want to remember

    Happy memories rambler

    Yeh rianbows are very special aren't they herb urban

    Thanks Keith is that bird following you now?

    Thanks a lot Ul and Hedwyg gautami and Mary timme

    Beloved dreamer that would be nice he. I can tell you that I only reflected on the good memories. I have many, many bad ones as well.

    They do tumblewords. Thanks

  18. Nice work, and what a beautiful picture! Thanks.

  19. How can you find always the right words to make your poem to one of the best in the world

  20. So very cleverly beautiful Thank YOU!

  21. to be able to pull out ones "box of memories" and never become mired in the grief of longing, disappointment anguish fear hate loathing.... that is an amazing feat...

    it makes me wonder where my box of cheerful only memories is and why i never happen upon it.....

  22. A great poem! I'm scanning photos to my computer for safe keeping and you captured the words to describe how I feel as I relive the memories in these pictures.

  23. Your hard work has paid off, Marja. You have wrote unforgettable thoughts in a beautiful piece of writing.


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