Monday, 26 November 2007

The Letter

The prompt for this weeks writers island is " the letter". Because I have some unfinished business in my mind and there is one person who I would like to write a letter I choose to do it here because I can't do it in real life. The reason is this person is sort of a stranger although I know his name and I know a little bit about the family. The person came into my life suddenly years and years ago. Helped me when I needed it most by listening to my life story and making me believe I was smart, which lead me to do things I thought impossible, and this person felt like the total opposite of a stranger. It was like the story from an ugly duckling which turned into a swan. The problem was however that I couldn't keep up being a swan. I fell back again and the person lost interest. At least that is how it felt. This person had however such a profound impact on my life that left the biggest footprint on my heart ever and I will never forget and keep the memory close. It feels however as if I've lost a loved one and I can't mourn because I didn't really loose anybody. Ah well it is hard to explain, but I write this letter to say goodbye in my mind.
The Letter
by Marja Blom

Dear Stranger,
I write you this letter to say goodbye
I continued my journey to new horizons
Never forgetting the time you cared for me
as for a bird with broken wings,
faded by the dust of a cloud of sadness.

You learned me to soar the sky
after taken the burden of my shoulders
and you gently blew away the dust
 so I could show my true colours.
And I flew as high as my wings could take me,
your smile of approval kept me up there

But when the curtain fell,
exhaustion set in
Preventing me from returning to the stars
you kept looking up when I was being down
and not able to relive these moments
leaving me longing as deeply as one can

I didn't forget how to fly though
 I remained my journey alone
and closer to the ground
causing many smiles along the way
reminding me forever
of the one deeply ingrained in my mind

Grateful to you forever Marja


  1. *sniff* *sniff* Very moving. Will that person get a chance to read this? At any rate I believe we will get a chance to thank them in heaven.

  2. Wonderful poem about the stranger. You write so beautiful poetry; from the depth of your heart.
    Difficult to understand that you say goodbye to the person who helped you so much but you didn't really left him. No matter what you exactly mean the poem is beautiful.

    Een heel mooi gedichtje en heel attentvol voor iemand die je veel geholpen heeft in moeilijke perioden; alhoewel ik niet goed begrijp wat je bedoelt dat je hem niet echt verlaat.

    Marja, ik ken U nu geruime tijd en ik apprecieer je werk maar indien je een luisterend oor nodig hebt; je mag me altijd een emailtje sturen.

    Ik denk dat je uw gedichtjes moet publiceren in een boek; ze zijn zo prachtig.

  3. Lieve Marja

    What a touching letter ... it's almost a pity it's not meant to be sent ... but maybe the stranger will read it anyway ...

    Groetjes Fenny

  4. Marja,
    Nice to see you back to blogging.

    you kept looking up when I was being down
    and not able to relive these moments
    leaving me longing as deeply as one can

    very nicely fortunate to have such people in one's life.

  5. That's really sweet and romantic. What an affect a stranger had! Such an odd thing to happen in this life. Beautiful poem, as always! It's definitely your gift.

  6. Marja I love what you did with this. We never really appreciate the impact people leave on us at times until it is to late. This is such a nice tribute to that one who touched your life.

    We do need to exchange addresses so I can send you a written note through snail mail. :o)

  7. What lovely sentiments expressed here, Marja.

  8. Marja good to see you back and well on form! Gosh, what a sweet poem. So full of emotion.Lovely.

  9. A wonderful tribute to your stranger/friend.

  10. Touching but also bittersweet.

  11. It's easier to express one's feelings through a letter/writing than saying it aloud, isnt it? You found a guardian angel and I am glad the angel changed your life for the better, thank you, loved it.

  12. Wherever that person is today, I sure it would warm their heart to know what an indelible mark they left on your life. Your poem was very moving.

  13. Marja, I wonder how it felt to write this letter, to carry those experiences inside you all these years and how they have shaped you over time... It is beautiful and bittersweet. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. A wonderful tribute to the stranger who did so much...maybe that person will read this. I imagine there are many people who disappear without thanks. Very nicely done!

  15. Very sweet and mysterious....

    I really enjoyed the comments to the"Girls" in the next post as well! I could relate to them all!

  16. it's amazing the impact one person can have in our lives. beautiful post.

  17. That was some letter. A few strangers do have that kind of effect on our lives.

  18. Captivated with emotion throughout and a sense we perhaps all feel within ourselves.

    So beautiful to read..

  19. Marja, isn't it amazing how people we meet - even briefly - can have such a dramatic impact on our lives??!! I hope your letter brings you a sense of closure.

  20. LGS I did say thanks but he night never realise the real impact

    Danks je Erik Ik zei tot ziens om het los te laten en bedankt voor je aanbod

    Thanks but I don't think so Fenny

    Happy to see you again Rambler I am for surely fortunate

    Good to see you back to. Did the bird fly away?

    Thabks Pauline and Annie Elf

    UL that's exactly right UL. Makes a huge difference. And that's how I see it as wel A guardian angel

    Thanks Herb I am sure it would

    Lea it felt strange but good

    Tumblewords i did say thanks but that is nothing compared with the impact he made

    Hi perpektheassassin a bit mysterious happy you liked it

    Thanks Greggo I am amazed too

    Even one is already a lot Gautami

    Thank you Peter

    Thanks Deepak

    Yes Tara that's what I hoped it would do and I do feel a bit more quiet in myself

    Thanks Steffi

    Just Jen unfortunately it is odd

    That's great rebicmel I see if I can find your email otherwise use mine to sent the adress

    Thanks Jo and Aka

  21. I hope your beautiful letter helps you to find closure for your memories of your stranger.

  22. Compound stuff, really. Well said.

  23. What a beautiful tribute to a lost love and heartfelt goodbye. Maybe someday he will drop by your blog and read this. Maybe then you can talk with him and get some closure. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful but, sad poem.

    Thank you for your kind words on 51 Train. Have a nice day.

  24. I believe that people pop into you life for a reason. Reasons not always clear, until something happens and they are gone.

    Could you pass the tissues please?

  25. Marja, this is very touching. It's so great to have you back.


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