Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christmas in the park

On Saturday afternoon we, me and two teenagers from work, spread out our blankets at Hagley park. We basked in the sun had fun and ate some chips. Waiting for the show which started at 7.30. Christmas in the park is a yearly event presented by Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick with stars such as Franky Stevens and Will Martin singing christmas songs.

After the break we got no one less than the popular band Atlas and several others. The show finished with father Christmas arriving in his sleigh followed up with a spectacular firework. There were more than a 100.000 people attending and everybody especially us had a great time.

Rudolf the reindeer surrounded by the ladies of the southern ballet

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Sparkling fireworks

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  1. Hi majra
    Nice to know that you are back.
    Hope you had an excellent vacation
    Christmas greetings in advance :)

  2. I think you had a great time. to bad i could not be there to join the show together with you. maybe next year.

  3. I love, love, love Christmas in the Park. I usually watch ti on TV and sing along.

    Welcome back, we missed you

  4. Awesome pictures! Looks like fun! Our Christmas in the park in our little town is horribly boring compared to that!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my site. You always say the right thing!
    I had no choice on the dealing with the past, everybody keeps finding me on facebook. I signed up to promote my book but I think it's more of a headache than a good marketing tool. I think I'll be signing out of soon! ;)

  5. That is the way to spend a Christmas, lounging in the sun watching an outdoor show!

  6. Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed the park concert.
    Scary about your faint!

  7. Deepak it was short. My real vacation is still coming but yes i had a good time. But I missed you guys. I also thought the children have nearly holiday and than i have to compete for the computer.

    Bert would be great but when you come the show is already over

    I don't know what facebook is jen but it doesn't sound good.

    Tenhawk that's the way to go although I'd loved the cosy feeling of christmas in europe with lots of lights in the dark
    with christmas

    hi Meggie Know you lived close to the park so you must have seen it lots of times
    Oh and I got the tests back It as probably just a faint so that's good

  8. Welcome back Marja, I love the pictures and you are already in the Christmas athmosphere. I wished I could celebrate it with you.

    Dag Marja,

    Ik ben blij dat je terug bent en uw berichtje in mijn blog was heel fijn. Ik wist inderdaad niet dat je een vriend had in België maar je leeft nu in een mooier land. Langs de ene kant jammer anders konden we mekaar bezoeken maar ja het is altijd leuk iemand te kennen in Nieuw Zeeland die ook mijn moedertaal verstaat.
    Ik vind het raar dat jullie kerstmis vieren in de zomer; bij ons is het altijd winter en hopen altijd op een witte kerstmis.


  9. Hi Marja!Nice to hear from you again.Your christmas in the park pictures looks good!I love the time before christmas too.

  10. Such a beautiful scene and given how many people attended a very popular event.

    The countdown begins here for Christmas, although who knows - we may also have snow too....


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