Sunday, 16 December 2007

Diamond Harbour

I become a bit sluggish with blogging now. Have a good excuse though. The children are having Summer holidays and asking for attention. So today when it was 35 degrees and they asked to much attention we run of to..........Diamond Harbour. We parked the car in Lyttelton and catches the water taxi to the other side of the bay.

This is how Diamond Harbour looks like. Very peaceful.

This is William hiding behind a beer. We spent here a lot of time, talking about our lovely kids. You can't get away from them. There was a bit of a sea breeze and we were immersed in blues music.
This was our view. It was busy in the cafe garden were champagne , beer and wonderful meals were served. In the distance you can see the sea ships in Lyttelton harbour.

Bye We are splashing back home to prepare a BBQ for us and the kids
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  1. How cruel of you to show us sunshine when we are sitting here shivering in sub-zero temperatures!

    Lovely pics as ever.

  2. This look so peaceful...
    have fun with the children

  3. Wonderful summer pictures ,Marja! Here we have grey sky and very cold temperatures.Today we had - 4°C !I don´t like it.Enjoy your summer!It´s really funny!I can´t believe you have such weather in NZ!

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    Beautiful country!

  5. These pictures look so inviting Marja, did you have a good BBQ? How are you doing kiddo?

  6. How delightful. Blue music (birthed in New Orleans) playing in New Zealand. Music is truly the universal language.

  7. This looks beautiful and peaceful. All that beautiful fresh air. I don't see smog anywhere, like we have! hehe
    Thanks for your kind words on my post. I was debating on whether or not to post it but I just had to say it. You know what its like to have something rolling around your mind for days and you just have to get it out!
    Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and take some rays in for me!

  8. Ooooo, I remember this place! :-)

  9. Just caught these warm lovely pics, i am jealous to be honest.. it's pretty cold up here! have fun :)

  10. Alas one has to envy the scene and so beautiful it is too and certainly so appealing - luv the photos

  11. Beautiful pictures and such a wonderful nature.

  12. Hi Marja! Your photos are fantastic and Diamond Harbour looks like a perfect place to hang out -- lucky you!!


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