Monday, 14 January 2008

Wanaka Holiday

We had a great 10 day holiday to Lake Wanaka in the South Island. We travelled a total of about 1700 km. We drove from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo and had our lunch there. Than we stopped at the clay cliffs ( Omarama, South Canterbury) and arrived in the afternoon at Lake Wanaka. From Lake Wanaka we made a trip to Queenstown and Arrowtown and one day to Alexandra and Cromwell. On the way back home we travelled over the Haast pass and along the West Coast and Athurs Pass back home. You can find these places on the map of the South Island

I will cover them the next couple of weeks. Here a first impression: The children had initially withdrawal symptoms from the computer and PlayStation but eventually enjoyed the mountains and lakes. Mayke even more because she was lucky that a boatty gave her a few rides on the biscuit (a kind of tyre being pulled by the boat. This might be one of the last trips together with the whole family because Mayke is getting older so it was good to spent time together. Cheers Marja


  1. The tarp of colored bowls is an interesting picture :-)

    Looks like you visited some nice places, too.

  2. This has made me a little homesick! :-) Great pics.

  3. It sounds great! Just what the family needed, to get away from the media. Of course, my boys would have ended up bringing their nintendo ds's! :D
    Remember when we were kids and there wasn't all this stuff to do? what did we do?
    I hope, you get many more family vacations in the future, even if Mayke is getting older!
    The pictures are great and the view is beautiful!

  4. What a beauty of a post, Marja, looks like you had a wonderful break with the family...caught quite a few of the pics, you have a beautiful family and the Wanaka looks gorgeous...thanks for sharing.

  5. Marja the scenery in the slide is absolutely stunning!
    What great photos, and what a great photographer!!!

  6. Thanks Brad I like that one too.

    You can always visit your place Seamus and your welcome here too

    It is very different Jen. We were often out and about, building huts and playing in the park. These kids nearly never see the sun.

    Thanks UL Holidays are good

    Little Wing NZ is a stunning country and thanks. I only pushed a button.

  7. May I say you have a very nice blog here?
    As for me, my friend I would love to visit New Zealand but... helás... I have not.
    May I link you on my ...secrets...?

  8. Thanks Quin, Of course you may I will link to you too

  9. Lovely pictures. Looks like you had a great time. Just popping out for some indian food!

  10. These pictures are really wonderful. Take me with next time; it is so beautiful there.

  11. Even in het Hollands zeggen dat het goed is om te zien dat jullie weer thuis zijn. Mooie foto's meegenomen en veel herinneringen opgeslagen waar later vast weer iets moois over wordt geschreven. Blij dat je er weer bent en dat video filmpje van Hunter Hayes is geweldig leuk. Ik heb het overgenoemen om ook weer aan anderen te laten zien en horen.

  12. Fantastic pictures,Marja!I wish I was there too!

  13. What a fantastic holiday you must have had.

  14. Far more appealing is Nature is such glowing beauty - as your blog theme depicts...

    In any event "computers and playstations" are for the older generation - us...

  15. it's all wonderfull, i'm looking forward to be there next year. great pictures.

  16. Save some for me keith

    Erik you always welcome here. I will show you around

    Leuk je te zien Herman. Wat een grappig mannetje he

    Steffi maybe one day but Germany has many beautiful places as well

    We sure did Wynn

    Wise words Peter

    We are going to have fun bert


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