Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Promise

The prompt for this weeks writers Island is The promise. Hearing this word I thought about the last promise I made to my daughter to not enforce my advice on her again. It made me think how often I made this mistake in the past. The thought that I could sort out others people's problems by just giving advice, which is especially tricky with adults. I always forget that their concept of the problem and what works for them might be completely different. They might be on a different level of their journey and need to gather experience in their own time. What I did was trying to figure out what I can and can't do when I want to help in general. What I came up with still needs work but I was tired. Sometimes this feels like top sport for my mind. That's why I am amazed how many islanders drop the most beautiful writing out of their sleeves in a high quantity. I feel honoured "to hang out" with them. The promise
By Marja Blom

I can't change your path
on which you're trodding
with no firmness left
because your wet drops of pain
turned it into mud.
But I promise you I will walk alongside
showing you the stars which radiate for all
showing you the flowers
blooming in heavenly colours

I can't change your past
where fairness is a stranger
and wounds were inflicted
kept open by memories
where dreams were destroyed
leaving you with broken pieces
But I promise you I show you the present
where you can find that first brick
to built a new palace unique and special
as it will arise in your likeness

I can't change your country
of what is your mind
with established roads
and sophisticated architecture
where you speak your own language
and live by your own laws
But I promise you I will discover
and try to understand
and I will search for the beauty
 in the realms of your mind
and you are welcome to explore
my kingdom with treasures you can find


  1. What a beautiful poem and wise words to live by. It is so difficult when we see others doing things we think are mistakes, and have to keep quiet and let them learn on their own journey. And sometimes what we think are mistakes, are what is best for them. Great poem.

  2. I will discover and try to understand
    and will search for the beauty
    in the realms of your mind
    and you are welcome
    to explore my kingdom
    where the treasures are for free

    I liked this a lot, this is so important in any relationship.

    Please let your daughter read this..

  3. Oh Marja, this poem speaks to me and brings tears to my eyes.
    What a beautiful gift you have shared with your daughter, and we readers alike.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my post, it's the first 'real' poetry I've written in years and it didn't come easy!
    Beautifully written.
    I second rambler in letting your daughter read this. My mother was like you described and I just love her for it. I can only hope I'm half the mother she is!

  5. What a great piece. I really enjoyed this. My piece is up as well.

  6. Thabk Dawn It is hard but the best way I think

    I will rambler I will try but Although this will apply of course to her as well I wrote it more in general. She was only the trigger.
    She luckily didn't have any heavy things on her road yet.

    Thanks you little wing happy you liked it.

    Thanks so much Jen Like all mothers I just do my best

    Thanks Jadey I will come over.

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  8. What a beauty Marja, I have the habit of handing out advice all too often, to my family and sometimes I regret it, I decide never ever...but then it is only momentary. I forget it the very next moment. Yours is a wonderful reminder. Thank you.


  9. That is beautiful, Marja. It has to be difficult letting your children live their own lives and make their share of mistakes. Their mistakes are theirs, just as we owned our own, and learned from them. I often think of the day when I have to stand on the sidelines and let my daughter discover her own path. It can not be easy on any parent.

  10. what a lovely poem.
    I especially loved these words
    "and will search for the beauty
    in the realms of your mind"
    and your take on the unsolicited advice... how true!!

  11. Good lesson, and lovely sentiment. Thanks.

  12. That´s a wonderful poem Marja!I like it really!

  13. What an understanding mother you must be! Sometimes it's hard to understand, tho', isn't it--like being on opposite sides of the mountain, shouting encouragement, sending up smoke signals.... Good job.

  14. Hey Marja, that is too beautiful. I'm off to work today for awhile, and I'll go off with those words ringing in my head. Thanks.

  15. To be with them in whatever they decide of their lives is the best gift for out children. We can guide them but we can't live their life for them.

    Thanks for this post!

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  16. A beautiful 'awakening' of our own status and that of others. A thought provoking poem - captured with such meaning..

    Perhaps including your daughter with decision making choices - may allow her the opportunity to understand (two sides) rather than the blinkered vision.

    Which we have all been guilty of in our earlier years.

    I so luv the photo and so appropriate with your awareness poem...

    Keep writing.

  17. Marja - what can I say. That was so moving. I hope your daughter sees it. More poems please!

  18. so full of heartfelt devotion... very beautiful

  19. This poem is an inspiration. I hope your daughter has read it and is able to see and appreciate how much love and strength it holds.

  20. A beautiful tribute to family and growing up and letting go.


  21. Heartbreakingly beautiful, Marja!

  22. I think it goes against a woman's natural inclination to pull back and allow our children to learn to be ........ but it's so important to go against our inclinations.

    we are all just learning as we go arent we? :)

  23. Wise, wonderful, well-worded and worth re-reading and sharing!

  24. what a wonderful way to approach advice-giving, to show what is possible instead of forcing one's own opinion on another - this is beautifully written

  25. "But I promise you
    I will walk alongside
    showing you the stars
    which radiate for all..."

    This was a wonderful piece of writing -- and I especially like the excerpt above... well done indeed! ;)

  26. beautiful poem, truly a joy to find such gems to transform the difficulties sometimes found in life...

  27. So many promises in this beautiful poem. Wonderful!

  28. Love the poem, love the words. :-)


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