Monday, 3 December 2007

Taylor's Mistake

Sunday was the day of the Santa Parade in Christchurch. We didn't go , but Michelle of the blog Christchurch Daily Photo made some great pictures of it.
No we were walking the track between Sumner and Taylor's mistake. It was a beautiful walk on top of the coastal seacliffs. When arriving at Taylor's mistake we walked back over the road. Taylor's mistake got its name because Captain Taylor sent his ship into the wrong bay and sank. In October a whale came swimming by. Don't believe me? Read this

Taylor's Mistake a great place for swimming and walking and gliding.

There is a whole bach community in taylor's mistake. Many kiwies have a bach which is usually a small holiday house. Here we spotted the one of no one less than Shrek. Unfortunately he looks the other way otherwise I could have sold this photo big time.

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The beach is also very popular with surfers. This surfer is a mosaic on the brandnew showers and toilet block close to the beach.


  1. Walking there must have beaten a Santa Parade! It looks beautiful. I'm just watching a Hayley Westenra concert from NZ and I thought 'Lets go check out Marja!'

  2. The beach looks amazing, clean and beautiful

  3. Hi, I am visiting from Peter's blog. You have a great blog. It looks like a wonderful place where you were. We are quite far from the ocean. I have had a nice time visiting and reading your blog.

  4. I am so looking forward to coming over......Only 8 more sleeps!

  5. It is rich in history, this wonderful area. I love to read your posts Marja, & feel so homesick. It is true, it is not my homeland region, but I do love it so!! And, it is still New Zealand, in all it's wonder!

  6. I came here by way of Peter's blog, and must say that the picture on your header is stunningly beautiful. I must mull around here a bit.

  7. That place is really beautiful.Yhnx for sharing

  8. What a lousy name for such a beautiful place--dont you think? (we should learn from past mistakes, forget them and then move on)

  9. Wow, spectacular scenery and a delightful walk it must have been for you all and with such glorious weather too..

    Luv the beach huts and the character - that could of been me - smoking my pipe - if only :(

    I think I look on New Zealand like that of Guernsey in the Channel Islands - taken back in time - but obviously your country is far more beautiful..

    Luv the photo's - so clear.

  10. In fact it is. I love it there so much Wayne

    Oh Hayley with her golden voice. Yep keith only the best comes from here

    Rambler yes I a blessed

    Welcome Dawn and thanks for your kind words and I couldn't live without the ocean anymore

    Steve are you coming to make NZ unsafe? Wish you would come to Christchurch

    NZ is a bit like paradise he MEggie. Nice to see you

    Thanks Carla I went to that lake once. Really beautiful but Arnoud made it even look better

    You're welcom Deepak

    Wise words Peetri I agree

    Thanks you Peter I don't know Guernsay but it must be somewhere in Scotland which is New Zealands little brother

  11. looks wonderful there!Great place to relax!

  12. Thanks for these pics! Bring back lots of nice memories. :-)

  13. lol you are lucky kimberley What a gorgeous spot. I love your green friend


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