Monday, 21 January 2008

A Fork In the Road

I deleted my story which I wrote originally for writers island. I thought it was bad. So I wrote the following poem quickly. I really want to write stories but it scares me.

A Fork in the Road
 By Marja Blom

Walking the downtrodden path
where you can see the horizon
giving a warm glow of comfort
 until disturbed by a scream of boredom

A fork in the road
gives an invitation to a new path
 Fear overshadows excitement
and fills up the mind
 untill overflowing with questions
from the mouths of the 6 headed monster
 envisioning defeat

Courage wakes up
driven by a dream
 growing stronger
by a hunger for success
till it takes up the sword
to fight the monster
 and freeing the entrance
at the fork in the road
 to take the first step to freedom


  1. ah, the fear of the unknown....or perhaps the known 6 headed monster. think of how often we avoid a fork in the road because of the fears we drum up in our overactive imaginations.

    I havent written my writer's island contribution yet....and have been tossing ideas around in my head. i like the direction you took the prompt.

  2. Oh Marja, such beautiful and true words!
    Please don't ever be afraid to show your stories, they are your words, you own them, and everything I have ever read of yours was amazing.
    You are being such a hard critic of your own work!
    Please don't throw out your work!
    Share it with us!

  3. nice poem but i liked the story that you deleted. I think you can write great story's. maybe it is a little hunger for succes that scares you. have some courage and let me read some good story's.

  4. How often we are faced with such decisions of life.

    Captivating and a delight to read.

  5. Never got the chance to read the story, but I like the poem.
    Thank's for youir visits... I will always post in English, but if you ever need some portuguese translation let me know.

  6. Hi Marja,
    I agree with bert( the storie was ok) but also with you that you change your mind.... If I woud do the same... i could delelte lots of photo's ,so I do that also....many times... But I thik you are a great writer an poemist.
    I am getting better in health, I had to take care for 2 sick's my hubby and my dog, I had harly time to take are of myself...But I am ok as most woman say...

    Lieve Marja,
    Bedankt voor je mooie poezie en gedichten, ik vind alle verhalen wel inspirerend en mooi , hoor, Ik delete ook vaak mijn foto's, dus ik begrijp dat wel.... Ben nog een beetje ziek maar het gaat al beter...

    Liefs van JoAnn

  7. where you can
    see the horizon
    giving a warm
    glow of comfort
    untill disturbed by
    a scream of boredom

    I liked these lines a lot, we all continue to see the horizon, until we get bored, and even the glow of the horizon too can bore us.. very well said

    In a way I like those monsters, whats the fun if you don't have to fight for it right :)

  8. That´s a nice poem,Marja!But why you deleted your story?You are a really good writer,Marja!

  9. Each step is one more step along the courageous path.

  10. I'm here to encourage you! I know, it's like people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I'm the one to talk, eh? :D
    I deleted my post for the prompt over and over again and finally just wrote my frustration. If your poetry is any indication of how well you write, your creative story would definitely kick butt! Courage wakes up!! We do need to encourage each other and have courage and not be so inhibited!!

  11. Stories are daunting, but I say go for it anyway! However, I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

  12. Fear NOT!
    I wilst teach thee how to write stories.

    As I am supposedly good at it!

    Beautiful poem by the way. Wish I was that good.


  13. I like the happy ending, with courage conquering fear. Welcome back to the island Marja. I'd love to read the piece you deleted someday. I strongly suspect that you are not giving yourself enough credit.

  14. You would need more than a fork to fight that beast!

    How could you delete your story? You are such a great wordsmith. I write prose because I think it's far easier than verse! Resurrect it please!

  15. you open,, discussing your fear of story writing,, and then go on to write about fear,,,, take a road,, any road... write a story,,, any story,,, just write... the fear will go,, and the story will come... you'll see....

  16. you defined freedom so beautifully,...everytime I hesitate to make a big bold step, I will be reminded of this. Thank you Marja.

  17. Wtrite stories and simply post. Otherwise, how do you overcome that fear?

    Do it girl!

    Of course your poems are good!

  18. Marja, I always enjoy the things you post and this is not exception to that rule you did a very nice job.

  19. Very nice.. and you should read this again and fight the monster called fear and embark on the road called short stories.. I bet you will be good, I loved your poetry!!

    At the crossroad

  20. Choosing which road to take is daunting: poetry or prose? I enjoyed your poem very much, as I always do your prose.

  21. Your poem is a delight and full of provocative thoughts. Boredom. How often that causes us to make our own fork! You write openly and well. In my opinion, blogging is a wonderful way to test your wings, flex your muscle and keep the ink flowing. I always enjoy your posts!

  22. I can't imagine that the other was bad or as you said, " bad..." but the poem was a delight and thought provoking.

  23. Can you believe I sit here crying reading all of this. Everybody so nice and encouraging. I don't know why I want to write stories so badly and I will try again. I think with poems I am not afraid when things go wrong. I just do it for fun and it's short so people read it easily.

  24. I like your description of fear as a six-headed monster! Truly a wonderful poem, Marja. And don't be scared to write stories - if you can write poetry like this, you can write anything!

  25. This is I want to read the story...

  26. I enjoyed your poem, especially these two lines:

    "Courage wakes up
    driven by a dream"

    Read them several times Marja, then maybe you will re-post the story you deleted. We are all friends here on the island... :)

  27. Fear as a 6 headed monster...fantastic! I loved this.

  28. You are scared to write a story and write beautiful poetry; I "can't" write poetry but love to tell a story. Tell you what one week in the next month write a story for Writer's Island and I will write a poem and we will conquer fear together!

  29. It's a beautiful poem! Like the commenter above, I shy away from poems and thrive in the world of stories. Maybe if we read each other's blogs we'll gain some courage for the other medium.


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