Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lake Wanaka

Wanaka (part 1 summer holiday)

The town Wanak lies at the East of Lake Wanaka a lake of 192 km2 , situated in the Otago region. It was shaped by glacial erosion more than 10.000 year ago. It is surrounded by mountains with some rising to over 2000 meter above sealevel. Lake Wanaka is popular with fishing, boating and swimming. The fast flowing rivers are excellent for jetboating. The surrounding mountains allow for tramping, rockclimbing and skiing.

In Wanaka there is also a puzzle museum and a Transport and Toy museum. Opposite the Puzzle museum is the start of a 1 1/2 hour round track on Mount Iron. From the top you have 360 degrees of breathtaking view. One of these views you can see at the top of this blog.

Tramping along Lake Wanaka

Boating on the Lake

At puzzling world we did an amzing maze

View from the information Center

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  1. That view at the top is very dramatic. In that and your boating picture, the water is very blue.

    Looks like a nice place to get away to... as long as there aren't too many people getting away along with you.

  2. I'm so jealous! The pictures make everything so beautiful and calming! I can't wait for part 2! can I come next time? :D

  3. hey the lake looks awesome.. specially the picture with the boat

  4. Sure looks mighty pretty, Mrs Blom.

  5. Awe inspiring beauty - and even all the more appealing as one here looks out on darkened winter's day....

    Great photo's..

  6. That seems to be a nice place to have some holidays. Or spend some time with family and friends.

  7. your holiday sounds and looks gorgeous...look forward to more..

  8. The picture at the top of your blog is gorgeous!!!!!

  9. Fantastic pictures! I will to NZ too ;O)!One of my collegues at my work was in November/December 5 weeks in NZ too!


  10. looks like a wonderful place to go for a walk, stunning views!

  11. oh my goodness........what a lovely spot. I would LOVE to go there.

    Great photos Marja.....the colours are so sharp and inviting.

  12. Oh such beautiful pictures!

    Niet alleen je teksten zijn prachtig; ook je foto's zijn buitengewoon. Je bent een goede fotograaf.


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