Friday, 15 February 2008

Cromwell. Clyde and Alexandra

Holiday Wanaka Part 3
From Wanaka we went on a day trip to Cromwell, Clyde and Alexandra in the heart of Central Otago (in the South of the South Island) The cities thank their establishment to the discovery of gold in the Clutha river. When gold ran out Cromwell became a farming and fruit area and is called the fruitbowl of the South. The first thing what we did when arriving in Cromwell is to buy delicious cherries and plums. Than we visited the old city, a preserve of the past

The bridge by Clyde. Clyde was officially the administratieve centre of the Goldfields. The Clutha river has its source in Lake Wanaka and enters the Pacific Ocean at the other end. We had a short walk along the river. it was too hot that day
The Clyde Powerstation is New Zealands third largest hydro power station, with a capacity of 400 megawatts.
Next we went to Alexandra were you can find some gorgeous shops.

Shaky Bridge in Alexandra ~ This bridge was once used by wagons and horses
It was so hot here that we headed back early in the afternoon so we had some time left for a dive in the pool
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  1. Great and interesting post,Marja!I love all your photos about your wonderful country NZ!

  2. A very nice post with good photos. I liked very much the one of the bridge over that clear water. Loving to discover more and more about NZL.

  3. I looked up that bridge for more pictures. I like the columns on the ends. Thanks for the summary.

  4. Amazing pictures.How wonderful that you ar getting to experience it all.

  5. Wonderful pics, with an interesting narrative. Made me want to walk thorugh the country with a camera.

  6. Your pictures as usual are so inviting!
    Someday I want to go to New Zealand!!!

  7. Good way to make me homesick! :-)

  8. I love your photos of NZ. I so want to visit someday.Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Hi Marja,

    Thank you for visiting me. I, in turn, am visiting you and I have some extra time and am going to read a lot of your older posts, because I am very curious now. I am always curious about the Dutch living overseas.

    I will stick to English, because it is the language of your and my blog, and it is the language of the Internet. I must say that you make very good photographs. You must have a very good camera also.

    I'm off to read now. Ciao...

  10. Marja

    I so enjoy the trips you take us on. Another great one, thank you.

  11. Hi stef thanks you are always so nice

    Yeh quin NZ is a land of (clear) rivers and lakes

    I didn't make a picture of that bridge so I copied it because i found it very interesting too Brad

    Hi Peetri nice to see you again

    Thanks Rambler

    Oh Billy i would love it if you did that

    Good idea Little wing The coffee will be ready than here

    Oh poor seamus why can't we live in two countries at the same time

    Welcome and thank you yolanda

    Welcome irene English is fine I sometimes just love to be Dutch and talk dutch again

    Are you already saving up Keith

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  13. Great posting!

    New Zealand is so beautiful.

    Marja, de natuur van Nieuw Zeeland is zo prachtig, maar heeft Nederland ook geen stad genoemd naar dit land?

  14. marja, these notes together with pics make me feel as though i journeyed with you. thank you for sharing....


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