Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spiritual matters

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I think that there is a reason for everything. Even me being very tired. I do a lot of thinking these days and bump into lots of stuff to think about. The funny thing is that they are all related. It is as if they are answers to my questions. I believe in synchronicity, that the puzzle pieces fall into its place when you look for it and that if you ask for something, you will receive someway. Synchronicity means meaningful coincidences. I experienced it regularly some years ago and was utterly surprised. I didn't know the word back than. I had a friend with whom I regularly walked and I started to talk about it. She was surprised I hadn't heard about it and suggested some books. By discovery I found many puzzles and together I composed my own experience of live and of God. When I was young I always went to church. I questioned many things but was still attracted somehow to the word in the bible. Till a pater of the church said to me. What's in the bible is true but it didn't necessarily all truly happen . That appealed to me but I still didn't understand why religions had to fight each other, why people go to church and than hang their religion with their coat on the coat rack and lived life as if they didn't have heard the message etc. so I went on searching. Were I am now is that God is in all of us. When we connect to the God part in us, if we choose the good and love others we will be connected to them and to all there is. We experience heaven. When we choose for the bad part in us, we built a wall between us and others and everything around us. We will experience loneliness and pain, we experience hell. We are on a road of awareness, all of us are in a different stage. I feel I am moving forwards and wanted to share that with you. I was this afternoon aware that I am attracted to orange at the moment. A colour I hated it the past. I googled it and discovered that it is the colour of change and healing. The second step was that from the word healing I came to the video of Deepak Chopra. I had heard of his name and books but that is all. I watched his video and his message is closer to my believe than anything I came along. It is a one hour video about the different stages we pass through. If you are interested here it is. The way of the wizard You don't have to agree with me this is just my own personal journey and I am still learning. Love you all and visit you soon, marja oh and I only now realise the candle is orange too.


  1. I wonder what it says about the colors yellow and red, which together combine to make orange and which are the colors of my blog now. Oh, I see there is also orange in there.

    I have recently bought clothes with the color orange in them. I like orange and red and yellow.

    It's a good journey you are on, Marja. I think you are on the right track. Don't look back now. You will find many rewards along the way.

  2. I reckon you've got it dead right gal.

  3. The sleeping woman in your previous post is wearing orange as well.

    "What's in the bible is true but it didn't necessarily all truly happen"

    That's interesting. Weird, but interesting.

    Enjoy your journey.

  4. you might find this interesting..

  5. Not the type of post I've come to expect on your site but interesting none-the-less.

    In my trade, the pub business, we have a golden rule never to discuss religion and politics in the bar,and I apply that equally to my site. So I'll make no other comment about your words except to wish you joy and happiness on your spiritual journey.

  6. Marja, the mind is a powerful tool.It truly can achievewhat it in india, orange of saffron is always associated with something holy.
    I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way, my friend.(after reading previous post)
    Peace and happiness

  7. Thanks sweet irene. I had an orange sleeping room when i was young and didn't want to know about this colour for years.

    Twice hugs Steve? I give them back 4 times

    Thanks Dickiebo I don't know if I got it right but this is what feels best to me.

    Brad With that it is true I think he meant the message in the stories are true.

    I will check it out Rambler thanks

    Keith no I was afraid to talk about it because this is not "the mainstream" view. But now I feel a certain peace and certainty.

    Thank you Peetri

  8. I think it is awesome that you shared a little of your spiritual walk.
    I am on one of my own.
    It has opened up a whole new world for me, with so many great books out there to help me along this "earth walk" as I call it.

  9. I have several of Chopra's books, including The Way of the Wizard, and I definitely believe in synchronicity.

  10. The Bible is a good place to start. Easter is a great time to meditate on what we're here for.

    God bless

  11. I'm a true believer in synchronicity and have sensed it often since my writing found me again. I've written about it a couple of times on my blog. If you're interested, type in the word on my blog and the posts will come up for you to read.

    Interestingly, at the same time that my writing began flowing again, I became open again to finding my faith. They dovetailed eventually and I am finding my way through my writing. In fact, it is when I am writing that I feel closer to God. There are times when the words flow so fast and come from somewhere unknown to me that I feel like the vessel through which they flow......

    ps. Orange is a beautiful is so full of life that you can't ignore it. :)

  12. Yes, we are all connected and I, too, believe in synchronicity - and serendipity!

  13. Magnificent post. Thank you very much for sharing that link. The Way of the Wizard is phenomenal. I do give great credence to synchronicity, serendipity and dreams. Orange candles I love very much. There something about that colour, it soothes me. Orange candles decorate my dining table, always.


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