Sunday, 16 March 2008

Walk through the park

On a Sunday we never get bored from a stroll through Hagley Park. We than have a coffee or a wine at the Art centre and walk back.

This is an entrance gate to a wonderful exposition of poison es plants in the park.
The Rose garden is still in full bloom. Here one of it's beauties. The nice thing is they smell wonderful. I remember the roses in Holland don't smell.
A part of the Court yard at the Art Centre. On the left is a door to one of my two favourite cinema's at the Art Centre. Very cosy and they often have great movies. One of them, Gloomy Sunday is already on for a couple of years and still attracts people.

This is were we always end up. The gate to our garden. Have a nice Sunday all.


  1. Marja....these are lovely photos! What a beautiful way to spend a sunday......

  2. I have wonderful memories of Christchurch and Hagley Park... a place of pure beauty and serenity for me.
    I'm glad you enjoy spending time there too.

  3. Oh, how i wish i could be there.
    Nice place!
    I could smell the fresh air. ;0)

  4. roses in holland do smell nice we have lots of them .........................

  5. Nice pictures again,Marja!Have a nice sunday too. Here we have rain and it´s grey outside. For the next day to Easter will be frosty weather here.I heard today at the weather news...

  6. wow, what a beautiful park, Marja!!!
    loved the pictures! :)

    about your comment: feels great to be silly sometimes, just to joke arround, doen't it? I love it! :)
    and the video is from a brazilian song that it's called "I don't want to see you sad" and the lyrics are all about telling the other person that we love her/him and showing her/him the beautiful things in life so she/he don't cry anymore. It's very beautiful! It's a message of hope!

    bigg kiss my dear friend! :)

  7. That looks like a very nice park.

  8. Hi Majra
    I wish I cold visit there one day :)

  9. That reflection just took my breath away. Love the pic.

  10. Thanks for taking us along for the walk! How lovely!

  11. wonderful clicks!!! wish i cud be der in person!!

  12. Oh such a wonderful park; I want to visit this. Why is so far from my hometown? I love the flowers.

    Beautiful pictures


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