Thursday, 15 May 2008

A new ripple

Have you seen the excellent movy Pay it forward; Assingnment to save the world. In this movy the basic idea is that instead of returning a favour, you pass that favour onto somebody else.Pay it forwards got a life on its own. Lots of Pay it forwards movements and foundations were set up were people can join and contribute to it. Also in blogging world I found some pay it forwards and
I thought this is a nice oppertunity to put a smile on some Bloggers faces (I don't know any good jokes otherwise I would have used that)
So I sent out a new ripple and these are the rules. From the people who comment on this post
I will pull 3 names from a hat. I will sent these people one of these New Zealand souveniers.
The condition is however to pay it forward. That means that you blog about it and link to this post and sent a selfmade or bought present, card, art, poem to three other bloggers.

Wish you good luck and have a great day, marja


  1. as I blog anonymously..I may never be do this..but have to admit I like the idea a lot.

  2. hmm...this is a good idea...

  3. That's a lovely idea Marja, but don't pick me because both my blogs are not used like that. One is an audio and the other a script blog, so if at random you do pick me, try again.


  4. This is a nice idea ... wonder how far shall it go ...

  5. Kia ora Marja,
    If you pick me I shall try, but sometimes I wander away from here. Your thoughts are beautiful. Have a lovely week end. Kia ora.
    Noho ora mai ra,

  6. Great Idea Majra.
    how are you.Hope that u r excellent

  7. Very nice to hear from you Marja. Keep smilin' gal.

  8. Why not pick Robb and I and we will return them with blessings and you can re-gift them. The more love and worn they get, the more mana.Lovely piece of writing.


  9. Hello Dear Marja,
    what a good idea , you are always thinking of others thats so sweet of you!!

    JoAnn from Holland

  10. don't include me in the draw, just wanted to say, that's a pretty cool idea! instead of paying it forward with meme's, your doing it with
    good luck on the draw everyone!


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