Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Special Message: Hup Holland Hup

There was a Dutch woman in NZ. Everybody around her always cheerfully talked about rugby. She kept quiet. They tried to win her over. She kept quiet. Till she went on a scouting camp. She started talking ,but they told her to be quiet when the other leaders watched rugby on a TV. Great. Being deprived of soccer, rugby was all there was now. She hang down her head and sighted. She went on with life. Than her brother called.

The Dutch won in the first game in the EK with 3-0 from the world champion Italy The Dutch team is stronger than ever. Netherlands coach Marco van Basten said. "I cannot name one player who played poorly."

Yihaaa be afraid now. My silence is over. Kiwies I will cheerfully talk about SOCCER now.
I got the above picture form A touch of Dutch from an AMerican expat who is lucky to experience the soccer mania
Good luck boys on friday against France. We will cheer from down under en sing with all strenth
Hup Holland Hup!Laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan
Hup Holland hupTrek het beestje geen pantoffels aan
Hup Holland hupLaat je uit het veld niet slaan
Want de leeuw op voetbalschoenen
Durft de hele wereld aan.

And this one specially made for ek 2008


  1. looks like a cool victory :).

  2. Marja, I've added your blog to my favorites! The game last night was fantastic! I never watch sports, but last night I really got into the match. And the fireworks, air horns, car horns in the neighborhood: It was great to see and hear so many happy people :)

    Bedankt en een fijne dag verder!

  3. Well I'm not really into the soccer myself, not even when Australia play, but I do hope the Dutch team win for you Marja.

  4. Congratulations. The Netherlands played magnificently and may win Euro 2008.

    C'mon the Dutch.


  5. Goedzo Marja! Wat leuk dat je zo meeleeft. Ik denk niet dat je er in NZ iets van doorkrijgt op de TV, maar ik kan je zeggen dat het een nationaal feestje is geweest gisteravond. Ik schoot echt in de lach toen ik dit allemaal las en hoorde. Geweldig.

  6. I am in the middle of the european championship football (soccer) now and I watch all the games if it's posible. I let you know how holland is going on and when they win then i spend you an extra beer in december. HUP HOLLAND HUP
    (still a long way to go !)
    29th of june: the final game.

  7. Thanks all See that some of you have seen the game. I would have loved to see it but nothing on TV
    here. If holland gets into the finales, which they will they certainly will show it in some places

  8. Cheers to the Dutch Team. I will root for them to win the championship.

  9. Yes...that was an awesome match... and to see Holland win without Van Persie and Arjen Robben... beautiful... lots of potential this time.

  10. Go Big Orange!

    Watch out for France, though - I hear that if you look at them funny they'll head butt you.

  11. Tell ya what why don't ya watch it on the net........
    Ya get streaming........
    Or find a dutch TV station online that will be showing it........

    Never give up girl!,,,,,always a way........Start at the Euro 2008 website.

  12. They sure did play well. Very well.

  13. Great post,Marja! We are too for the dutch team!!!My daughter Anne is a big fan of the player Rafael van der Vaart!She wear a tricot with his name !
    Tomorrow the dutch team play against France!We hope Nederlands win!

  14. hello dear Marja! I'm glad to see you back.
    about football: we came home yesterday! :( but holand is a real candidate to win! you have a very strong team.
    big kiss!!!!

  15. Wonderful that Netherlands won this game; I saw a little bit of this when I was in my hotel in Italy.

    My hometown Belgium doesn't have a good football team anymore; where is the time that the game Belgium-Netherlands was always a great game. Mostly the Netherlands won but it was always great to see.

    My favourite player of the Netherlands of the past was Johan Cruyff.

    I didn't know you were interested in football.


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