Sunday, 8 June 2008


Winter has started. When I went home yesterday night from work my car windows were frozen. A lovey collague was however so nice to come outside with a jug of hot water. Too prove it to youthat it is winter I had to get up early on this sunday morning for a crisp walk. The upcoming sun will quickly melt all the white beauty. Usually when I go for a walk my thoughts are miles
away, but with a camera in my hand I am right in the here and now. Continuesly scanning the horizon for a nice picture. Love it.

There is a lot of farmland around us. Peeking along the tractor you get a glimpse of the white hills.

Playfully the finest art is created by the king of winter

The deer found a dry patch in the sun and they looked at me as if they saw an alien.

What a lovely peaceful place to live

On this picture it already looks like summer again. For the real snow you have to drive to the mountains. An hour from here. We did that when our kids were younger. We took a sleigh and up in the mountains people parked aside the road and with a sleigh and most with rubbish bags were sliding down the hills.


  1. wow...i love that part of your life. Seeing deer, having 4 seasons, experiencing all the different changes of nature. Here's just hot hot everyday.

    happy weeekend.p.s.(like esp the 2nd picture, is that snow melting?)

    hugs always

  2. What lovely pictures. Seems strange reading about winter just when we are enjoying a fabulous period of early summer warmth.

  3. Kia ora Marja,
    lovely photos! Read about the cold snap down your way, and it has now gotten up here as well. Had to postpone a walk in the ranges with my youngest, 5, as gale force winds and rain. oh well, try again next weekend. Have a great day.
    Ka kite ano,

  4. I had a friend who lived in Christchurch for a couple years and I've ever since wanted to see NZ so very badly.

  5. the place looks awesome..specially the picture with the winter art

  6. Lovely pics, Marja. Especially the ones with the 3 dears, (sic) - one holding the camera! lol.

  7. It wsa a joy to read your story about the winter. My daughters in Ch Ch and Timaru sent me photos today of the snow. Your photos were delightful.

    Keep warm.


  8. Its winter already? Hmmm... it is the start of the monsoon season for us actually :(

  9. Beautiful Marja, a little like you aye?

  10. Wow..Marja!Your winter looks much better as our weather here at the moment!It´s simple to hot for me and since some weeks no rain in our area!Our garden is really dry.
    Fantastic pictures;MarjA!

  11. You are truly blessed to live amongst such beauty.

  12. I can still remember when I first went to live in Christchurch, & how excited I felt to see my first snow! It was all over the hills & we drove up to see it, on the way to Akaroa.
    Lovely photos!

  13. Thanks M.Kate That's what we came here for The picture is one of ice on the grass so it is frozen water.

    Yep its your turn for summer Keith

    It never takes long here Rob The winters are quit good So good luck next week

    Who knows One day Scribbit

    Thanks rambler Yep in real life it even looked better

    Thanks dear but one dear wasn't on the picture though

    I'll keep warm Bob We just insulated the house

    Ah Anwin rain is coming. Here it is mostly very dry

    Thank Steve

    Thanks for the people

    I don't like the heat either Steffi
    Have to call home see how the weather is there

    Yep Mark you are right

    It looks so beautiful when everything is white Meggie Like a little paradise

  14. What a picturesque place and lovely pics Marja. I love those deer just sitting there looking at you. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Dit lijkt me zo'n vreemde ervaring om in Juni de winter te voelen en ijs te zien. Maar het ziet er allemaal wel prachtig uit en de herten zo dicht bij huis is ook heel bijzonder. Mooie foto's hoor.

  16. So beautiful. New Zealand is beautiful. Too bad it is so far away...I just watched the movie the Whale Rider. have you seen it? filmed in NZ I think

  17. Beautiful pictures but winter in New Zealand means summer In Belgium. So come to here if you prefer summer weather like me.


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