Thursday, 26 June 2008


Obstacles add interest to the flow

I had many obstacles in my life. The biggest one was however to deal with my neurological problems. One problem is that I process sound very slow and that my auditory memory is very bad. I don't remember lots of what I hear. My brain is trained now to pick up keywords when I am listening and mostly I am fine. That is when I talk to one person. In a group of people I totally loose track. When I look TV I put the captions on and realise how much I miss.
I also have problems retrieving words from my memory. Because I can't find the right word quickly I often use simple language. Talking for me is like driving in dense fog. It needs my undivided attention.

You can imagen what an effect this has on my social life. Richard Lavoie, an expert in this area says "some people live in rooms of experience others can never enter.
This is not the only problem. I also have coordination problems and sequencing problems.When I have to strain myself to much with all this I go in overload. This means my brain shuts down and I am not even able to write my name anymore.

As I said I adjusted pretty well and went through some personal growth over the years. I gained some wisdom about what is important and about my strenghth an values and I am now able to live a happy life. Althoug I was always able to make a lot of fun.
The coming week my posts will be about personal growth.


  1. Marja, I like you and your writing!You are okay and a friendly person. Everybody have in the obstacles. I have sometimes really big anxiety and panic attacks as last result of a Borreliose after a tick bite for many years.
    Have a nice day,Marja!

  2. When we spoke on the phone we kind of touched on this subject.
    I look forward to reading and learning more........
    As for me, I have NP with person who are different from me. Doesn't make em any less intelligent probaly makes em more intelligent.

  3. Hi Marja, I'm only learning these things about you for the first time. I commend you for your strength and optimism. It is wonderful that you can share with others and that you bring such brightness to our days.


  4. good to see you fight it out Marja.. am sure you will develop more strength as you learn more about yourself

  5. Kia ora Marja,
    What I take from this post is that you have also overcome many obstacles in your life, and the way you share that here benefits us who read your words.
    In a sense I share some of what you write, in that my hearing is somewhat impaired - not in quiet settings one on one, but in groups, or a pub with noisy back grounds I just cannot filter out all the sound and it is much like being deaf. People who don't know me in those settings would think I am aloof or just uninteresting, which I hope is not the case! Kia ora Marja. I love your new header photo.

  6. Oh Stef I didn't know that a tick bite could have such effects. I experienced only one panic attack and that was scary. I hope you can do something about it.

    Steve thanks I thought you would have no problems have a great day

    Thanks for your nice words poetikat
    I think everybody got there share

    Yes thanks rambler It is all one growing process

    Oh you got some bits as well Rob.
    Yep I got that one as well. It is also hard to hear the words in a song. It gets muddled up with the music. You are for sure not an disinterested person. The opposite

  7. I have that too with the auditory, it's probably APD in my case since both my boys have been tested and that's what they have. (one of their issues
    I understand where your coming from with your son and homeschooling. That was my complaint (and still is some the distractedness. It's a challenge homeschooling special needs and especially when we as parents have special needs too! If he's doing well in school, leave him in :D
    If not, let me know and I'll hook you up with some wonderful people with wonderful ideas that are in the same boat!
    You have a way of making New Zealand sound heavenly by the way!
    I like reading your posts on disabilities and special needs, you have really good insight and a simple way of explaining things so that I don't have to look it up if I don't understand ;)

  8. Hi Marja
    Love this post, it gives me an insight to the wonderful person behind the blog. I am so glad that you've gained wisdom. I've known perfectly healthly and mentally sane people who lived for ages, but never changed nor gained much wisdom, they sort of floated through life.

    I cant say obstacles are fun but it makes the person stronger , it certainly built character and gain better wisdom. I remembered when I first started my own biz, the obstacles were bigger than what we could cope..but after a hard struggle and tons of pain, we came out better, and I never forget the hardship.

    You have a fabulous weekend and so glad to have known you.

  9. Marja, hey girlio hope you are well. I was wondering if you would put together a couple of short stories for my short story blog. I would reference them back to your blog..

    My new short story blog is here if you want to take a look

    catch you later kiddo.

  10. hello dear Marja! Please come to the art market! :) I'd love to meet you in person! :))) make your way tthrough the planet! it should be quickest way! :)))
    thanks you for the complements.
    big kiss from across the world! :)


  11. Good to get more insight into your life.
    Yes, I do think that difficulties make our life richer in some ways. Makes us appreciate what we do have.
    You write very well and clearly about things.
    My dear friend Kristen had a brain aneyrism(spelling mistake?) this spring and had to go back to America from Marrakech.
    Her blog
    talks about her difficulties and slow recovery.
    She has lovely children. You would love her.
    Have a happy weekend
    ps. yes, blogging is a wonderful way to communicate

  12. Getting over obstacles in life makes the journey more interesting and rewarding sometimes but I understand it can be frustrating when these neurological problems strike and undermine the quality of your every day life. Believe me I understand only too well :)

  13. Wow, and I thought having no hands in a world full of people with opposable thumbs was tough - you've overcome some serious stuff, Marja! Hope you're doing OK!

  14. Jen it is always good to know that there are more of us because you know exactly what I am talking about. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I have however not enough background in english to help him with that anyway.

    Mkate Thank you so much for your kind remarks. My parents had a business so I have seen their struggles that's why I wasn't brave enough to go into buseness.
    Good on you

    Hi Missy of course I will write some stories for your blog but at the moment I work a lot so maybe later. I've got some old ones but they are probably to long I'll mail you

    Apo I am on my way

    Thanks Elizabeth and thanks for the link but I already discovered Kristens blog. She is very nice and she is already in my sidebar

    Hi Gyps I know you got your share of problems and dealing with it very bravely. Good that we are able to share it.

    Hi Baba don't make me laugh. What you thought is worse than my problem and yes I am perfectly fine. Thanks.

  15. Oh and my apologies Baba I shouln't laugh about problems birds have. But Baba you look at your strength too. You can fly!!!!!

  16. The problems you live with have never come though in your writing. Whilst I've picked up a few bits and pieces about your life in the year or so we've been sharing our blogs, I had no idea of the extent of the difficulties you face on a daily basis.You are truly an inspiration.

  17. I'm glad I had some extra time to read your blog tonight. Albeit I should be in bed because it's now 1 AM, but this is a nice way to cap off what was my very busy Saturday.

    Amazing what you have had to go through. Thanks for sharing this! I look forward to reading more about your personal growth, and thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

  18. Thanks Keith It is normal for people with these problems not to talk about it because it is often hard to explain. Furthermore we appear completely normal. Because we don't have crutches, ear aids or anything that could prove that we have any problems, people look at us in disbelieve when we do try to explain.

    it is becoming a way of live dear touch of Dutch. There are more people than you think who have these problems. My post about dysnomia is visited lots every day.


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