Sunday, 29 June 2008

Personal growth

Personal Growth
By Marja Blom
Untangle the cobwebs of emotion
and find some gallstones under its dust
 Pulver these stones formed by past perception
eating away on the surface of trust.

Replace them with white pearls of wisdom
which you can find in the ocean of life
after facing your fears for the deep and the dark
you encounter when taking the dive

The shining beauty of the precious pearl
spreads in the room of the mind
some light showing the path to your destiny
 The path which was frozen by fright

The warming glow of the precious pearl
 is melting the ice on your way
so the remaining dew drops will sparkle
as a refreshing start of a new day

A day where you will see with clear eyes
A day where you feel with deep love
A day where you hear the voice of eternity
A voice telling you get help from above

Continue the journey of growth
Struggles ease as you add to the string
The valuable string of wisdom
making you as rich as a king


  1. A beautiful poem Marja. We have so much potential under our cobwebs.

    I received the bone carving key ring. It was delivered by a friend to me in Jakarta. It is beautiful. So many thanks.

    Look forward to seeing you in NZ.

    Warm regards


  2. "Pulver these stones formed by past perception
    eating away on the surface of trust."

    Loved those two lines in particular but much of your beautiful words here resonated with me.

  3. Indrukwekkend mooi wanneer je je gedachten op deze manier onder woorden kan brengen. Ik heb het gedicht nu 4 keer gelezen en het dringt steeds beter tot mij door wat je bedoelt.

  4. That is great. Thanks for sharing. Stop by and see me soon!

  5. This is a beautiful poem, Marja - rich in imagery and emotion. We can all take something from this and treasure it.


  6. I enjoyed this very much!
    gallstones part was a nice touch ;)

  7. Tena Koe Marja,
    Beautiful, full of hope and wisdom and the worthiness of the journey which at times can be a struggle, but through perservance we gain great reward and insight. Kia ora Marja.

  8. Hello Marja
    Ik moet je gedicht even beter lezen want het is erg mooi! Dankjewel for publicing...

    Anyhow I am slowly back in blogland, not with 'fresh' photo's but I am using my creativity to make from older photo's a new creation...

    Have a good week
    Dag van JoAnn/Holland

  9. This is a fantastic reading Marja, I re-read it twice, just lovely and tks a million for sharing it :)

  10. beautiful, Marja!!!
    thank you for your visti, dear!
    I have new in Bem--Trapilho! hand painted t-shirts. hope you like it!

    kiss kiss

  11. A very beautiful poem,Marja!

  12. Thank you all so much. I am happy you liked it

    Bob I am looking forward to meeting you

  13. Pearl has some relation with moon and moon has some relation with human mind (Indian astrology).So pearl and human mind are related.
    Hope you have perfectly healthy now.

  14. Marja,

    This is so beautiful. Your poems are so heart touching; you are one of the best poets I know.

    Maybe consider to publish your poems in a book and publish them.

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