Sunday, 27 July 2008

Funny Lost Dr. Suess Poem

I love My Job (The lost Dr. Seuss Poem)

I love my job, I love the pay!
I love it more and more each day.
I love my boss, he is the best!
I love his boss and all the rest.

I love my office and its location, I hate to have to go on vacation.
I love my furniture, drab and grey, and piles of paper that grow each day!
I think my job is really swell, there’s nothing else I love so well.
I love to work among my peers, I love their leers, and jeers, and sneers.
I love my computer and its software;
I hug it often though it won’t care. I love each program and every file.
I’d love them more if they worked a while.

I’m happy to be here. I am. I am.
I’m the happiest slave of the firm, I am.
I love this work, I live these chores.
I love the meetings with deadly bores.
I love my job - I’ll say it again - I even love those friendly men.
Those friendly men who’ve come today,In clean white coats to take me away!!!!


  1. That´s a very funny poem!I have really laugh!

  2. hmm now for most of the poem the person sounded so much like me :)...guess I should watch out for men in white coats ... :D

  3. Who doesn't love friendly men?


  4. yes! All work and no play makes jack a looney bin.

  5. Good poem, Marja! I am skeptical about it's being a Seuss, since when he was writing, we had no office computers, but it is still quite clever and both my husband and I share the sentiment.
    It was fun.


  6. Where did you get it? That is wonderful!

  7. Tks Marja..I needed that, after a 4 days stint in Kuching..I am not so highly motivated to work as I am typing, but what to do, the kids need to eat :D hahaahahaa.. have a great week ahead my friend

  8. Beautiful poem but which of these items do you love the most,

    Your boss, your pay, your computer, your job, your friends?

  9. This is so funny! I love that punch line. But who loves his job that much? Not many.

    Great post


  10. you can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss! a great poem.
    I haven't worked office jobs for a long time since my kids were born, but I remember well!

  11. Kia ora Marja,
    You have summed my feelings exactly about going back to work after my trip to the stormy mountains. Cheers! Hope you had fine time with Bob. I think it is so cool you guys have got together for a bit. Have a great day Marja!

  12. laughed at this... how funny :)

  13. loved it...dr seuss never disappoints hey :)


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