Thursday, 24 July 2008

Maori language week

A hongi - touching of forehead and nose

Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) was first settled by Maori about 1000 years ago. According to the Maori, Kupu was the first explorer who came across the Pacific on his waka hourua (voyaging canoe) from his original homeland, Hawaiiki (which is believed to be near Tahiti), to his new home country Aoteroa.

European settlement in the 19th century meant a loss to the culture and language from the Maori. But since the 1970s, Maori culture, language and custom have enjoyed a profound revival and since the Maori Language Act of 1987, Te Reo Maori has been one of the two official languages of New Zealand. Estimates of the number of Maori speakers range from 100,000 to 150,000.

This week is Maori language week so we can make an extra effort to learn the language. More Maori will be spoken on TV. A soap was undertitled in Maori for example and even google New Zealand is offered in Maori. Here is a practise in Te Reo Maori:

Kia ora. Hi.
Kei te pēhea koe? How are you?
Kei te pai ahau. I’m good.
Ka nui te ora. I’m great.
Me koe? And you?
Ka mau te wehi! Awesome!
Ka kite ano. See you again

Aroha (Love) Marja


  1. The first words I learnt from a Maori where:-

    "Sweet as" and "Choice."

  2. kia ora

    Haere ra Marja


  3. Sweet as? I thought they got that from you over the ditch.

    Haere mai KB
    Ka kite ano!

  4. very nice, marja...thanks for sharing

    hug, p

  5. I love that pic Marja....what a lovely custom.

  6. Sounds difficult but really interesting.
    Quite a challenge and harder than Arabic!
    Greetings and love from New York.

  7. That was a fun exercise. It sounds like it would be very pretty, to speak.

  8. It seemed so wrong when they tried to stop the Maori from having their own language. I am so glad it has been remedied.

  9. Kia ora.
    Kei te pēhea koe?
    thanks for teaching me few words.
    Good day
    Ka kite ano.

  10. I have some maori songs in my computer, nice to hear it but don't understand it. I hope to learn more of it.

  11. Thanks Patriciia and gypsy

    Yep it's hard I only know a few words

    Yes I enjoy hearing it Missy

    I agree Meggie. Your language includes your culture and therefore part of your identity. If you take that away from people you take part of them

    Ka nui te ora Deepak
    Ka kite ano

  12. Kia ora, Marja

    I hope this is right in this language. I think I need many time to learn this language.

    Nice that you post about this language; I think it is wonderful to hear people talking in this language.

    I hope you are not going to write in this language; otherwise you need to make a translation

    Great job, Marja and beautiful picture

  13. Kia ora
    This is really neat!
    As for my picture on my reality I look much older! LOL
    Troll still around and checking on my blog, Hubby says she's my groupy and biggest fan! LOL

  14. Very great post,Marja!
    Ka kite ano!


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