Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Orana Wildlife Park

It's school holidays and for the first time in days a beautiful day so we decided to go to the zoo. Mayke and Callum were coming with me. We had a 1 1/2 hour walk around the park stretched out over 80 hectares. We were lucky and had a close up view from many animals

Reflection in the water

A lion on a cage of people Yum nice meal

Mayke and Callum


  1. Mayke and Callum????

    Are they part of the park as well?

    OK just kidding, hope ya have a sense of humour.

    Wonderful as always my dear.......

  2. Your daughter? She's beautiful. Pics too

  3. I was two times in the wildlife park and I like the park very much. I love nature.
    by the way, nice picture of mayke and her boyfriend. looks that they are also behind a fence in the park. lol.

  4. Beautiful pics as always hun x

  5. beautiful, beautiful and beautiful pictures! love them all :)

  6. Your children are beautiful. It's great to spend time with them no matter their age..it goes quickly, right? My kids are at the zoo as I write, but I am too weak today.

  7. I love Zoo's Marja, it looks like y'all were having a nice time. I thought the one with the Lion was cool. LOL it was like if only I could get my paw in there. lol

  8. I always love to see the animals.
    You have very handsome children.
    Greetings from New York.

  9. Hi hi steve I won't tell them you said that. This nice couple is standing on a bridge

    Thanks Monique Yes this is my girl and her boyfriend

    it's a great park he We will not get there when you come I think we got many other plans

    Thanks karen and M.Kate

    Oh yes I still enjoy them very much (That is when they are not oppositional) Take care and I hope you feel a bit better soon

  10. Yeh that was funny to see the lions growling at the people Missy

    Thanks Elizabeth Only one of them is mine the other one is her boyfriend. A very nice guy.
    Have fun in NY

  11. Oh...nice place...especially the lemur... we don't have that in India...

    And please update your bookmark for the awesome photos site to http://awesomefotos.com/

  12. Nice photo of Mayke & Callum. Animals too, are nice to see.
    We once visited that park about 28 years ago. Obviously very different then!

  13. Such a pretty girl. Takes after her Mum, I guess!

  14. Oh such beautiful pictures; New Zealand is a paradise.

  15. What an impressive park, Mayke and Callum look good too :)

  16. That's a lovely photo of your daughter and her boyfriend and fab pics of the animals. I love the zoo but the critters always seem to be hiding when I go there. Son't worry, I'm not taking it personally. LOL...

  17. A lovely photo of your daughter and all other pics too!


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