Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Orana Wildlife Park

Meerkat in the spotlight

Otters now look all over here

Bird who's got the blue's

Black and White ruffed lemur . "Hurry up I am not comfy sitting here"


  1. hi, when I was 5 years old I was in new zealand. my sixth birthday was over there. we celebrate it whit dutch whip cream pie but that pie came too late at your home. on my birthday we went to the same animalpark! there was a shed where it was very dark, we searched for the kiwis. that was very funny to do but I couldn't find them. I think.
    but it can also be different because i don't remeber it so well!;)

  2. I always have a soft spot for meercats......

  3. Again, these pictures are so cool. It looks like a real peaceful zoo.

  4. Welcome Marit Nice to see you hear. I remeber you being here and the cake. Yes they are not always in time here but we had fun. Hope to see you next year.

    Thanks Rambler

    I knew you had soft spots Steve, but for meerkats?

  5. the pictures look great! I like the lion on the cage one...lol
    actually they are all really good
    my guy is stubborn too...just entering teenagedom at 14...he knows everything ya know...i thought he grew out of that when he was 4...LOL

  6. Wonderful pictures; did you take these by yourself. You need to have a real good camera to take pictures of animals so close.

    It is often a problem with taking pictures of animals; if you come to close they run away.


  7. Jsut enjoying looking at thsi photo's from the animals, Thanks Wat leuk zeg Marja, ik geniet ervan om naar dexze mooie foto's te kijken!

  8. Meerkats are hilarious creatures, I could watch them and their constant curiosity for hours.


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