Sunday, 24 August 2008

Attention It's my birthday

Attention It is my 47 th birthday today. It feels good because I am feeling more confident and stronger than ever. It also feels sad because less time is left and I don't have the energy and changes of a young person anymore. Life gets in the way of dreams. But I feel that this year is going to be special in many ways. My brother is coming this summer, I am going to Holland in April and I think much more is going to happen although I don't know yet what it is. Anyway althoug I am not a fan of birthdays I will still have a good day with a walk, a wine and a nice dinner with my family, phonecalls with my brothers, my mum, my friends, pressies and cards. Wish you all a happy day too, Love Marja


  1. hey happy birthday Marja..wishing a great new year in life.

  2. My dearest Marja!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I wish you only the best and of course much health!Enjoy your birthday!

    Yeah you go to Holland next year...maybe you can stop here to ?!

  3. Marja, have a wonderful day. You certainly deserve it!

  4. A very happy birthday to you Marja! I'm probably a bit late now though with the time difference.
    You have caught up to me. We are 47, or as my father always said, in our "48th year", because you must count the year between birth and your 1st birthday. Grim.

    I don't feel too bad most of the time, but there are definitely days when I feel 47.

    Hope it was delightful!


  5. Yay, Happy Birthday sweetie. I'll be having a wine in your honour this evening.


  6. wish you a happy birtday sis and I see you in december. we will have a drink together than.

  7. Dearest Marja
    Happy Birthday
    Selamat hari Jadi (malay)
    Sang yat fai lok (chinese)
    ..and many more to come..but you dont look 47, I thought you look like in your late 30's..

    Have a great week ahead :D

  8. Happy Birthday Marja! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  9. Kia Ora Marja,
    Happy Birthday! I hope this day is filled with nothing but joy and sweetness. And I know what it is like to return home after a long absence. It is the blessing and curse of those like you and I who live far away from our original places. Your heart will fly! Kia kaha Marja. Have a simply lovely day.

  10. Wish you a very happy and fruitful year ahead... hope you had a good birthday.

  11. LOL! Too cute with the puppy!
    Gefeliciteerd met jou verjaardag & sorry I'm a day late! You certainly don't look 47 in your photo. Must be some magic in the air in New Zealand! :)

  12. A very Happy Belated Birthday Marja. I hope it was wonderful in every way.

  13. Happy B-Day (belated). Hope it was great.

  14. Ho Ho Ho!
    Whoops wrong occasion........


  15. Hi Majra
    Happy birthday to you (sorry 4 being late)
    GOod day

  16. Hallo Marja,
    Sorry dat ik het niet wist maar beter laat dan nooit " Heel Hartelijk gefeliciteerd" met je verjaardag, Ik hoop dat je een fijne dag hebt gehad? Liefs en verjaardags-knuffel van JoAnn

  17. Happy Birthday Marja, even if it is a little late. Here's wishing you a happy and healthy year!

  18. Oh dear Marja, please forgive me. I missed your birthday post. Not too late to say I wish for you many more happy birthdays with good health and lots of friends around you. I have just created a blog list to help me keep up-to-date with my reading. Hopefully this will address the anomaly. In the meantime I have lots of back post on your blog to read which I intend to do. Thanks for understanding.



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