Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A night out with the Dutch class

In between the problem solving we still have some time for fun. On monday night we went out and had some Belgian fries with bitterballen and a Kriek (belgian beer). The Dutch students and families met up in the Belgian cafe The Torenhof. Very popular among the Dutch because it is so gezellig (cosy) Thanks all blogger friends for all your support and I will visit you soon
yeh I know I have to loose some weight


  1. Marja my friend :D

    I am so glad you are back..and that you had some fun in between problem solving. Hang in there my dear, whatever is the problem, there's bound to be a solution.

    Love the pictures and sigh..I wish I could be there for the food..always the food!!

    Welcome to my club of losing weight, you look charming no matter what ok. I need to lose at least 10 kgs, and I have been thinking a lot about it..and all i did was - THINK. and eat too,what else.

    Much love and big hugs :D

  2. heeh Marja,
    Je ziet er prima/goed uit en dat is het belangrijkste toch? Je bent een erg mooie vrouw. Leuk je nederlandse klasgenoten te zien...

    You are looking great/pretty Marja, thats THE most important, nice your Dutch classmates!

    JoAnn (Holland)

  3. Hi Marja,

    Nice to see you back. You enjoyed our Belgian fries. I didn't know they had a Belgian cafe in New Zealand.

    Are you sure the Belgian fries are of the same quality as in Belgium?

    Great that you enjoyed this and don't worry about your weight. Be happy; that is important and if you feel comfortable with your weight; you don't have to do efforts for losing weight.

    When you really want to lose weight, start with exercising.

  4. Lose weight? Adopt my philosophy, Marja; 'Manana!'

  5. ik ga ook een paar kilo afvallen. we gaan eens kijken wie tot december de meeste kilo'tjes kan kwijt raken. okey???

  6. dear marja,

    what ever you have to solve...I wish you the best...and one positive thought: whoever hopes persists, whoever persists, IS WINNING.

    ...we were in belgium in june...and we tasted how much belgium beer(s) are good...yummy

    big HUG, p

  7. Kia ora Marja,
    Good to see your smiling face and having some fun. Thinking of you. Kia kaha.

  8. AND WHY?
    Did I not get an invite??????

  9. so long marja! welcome back.

    must be a great time with dutch class.

    don't worry you're still pretty no matter what. *hugz*

    have a nice day! ;)

  10. We silly women, we are so self-critical aren't we? I think I am hearing an echo. Happy times though and that's what counts.

    I also wanted to let you know that I'm leaving blogging for a short while. I have a lot on my plate and creativity is taking over so nothing bad. I'll still be visiting around and commenting. I expect to be returning from time to time as I complete my writing and art projects. But for now, I need to focus only on this.


  11. M.Kate you are always so nice. I gained 15 in one year because of my thyroid problem but it is so hard to get it off and especially at the moment. I am a big step forwards with the problems but I can't change others so part I have to learn to live with.

    I haven't heard this for the last 20 years so thanks. Yeh we have a real great group and we always have fun

    Yeh Erik the fries are a bit different but the kriek tastes the same. Didn't exercise much this winter. Rain all the time.

    Hi thanks Rambler

    Thanks Dickiebo I follow that up for now But one day manana has to be today

    Ok Bert zullen we spoedig doen'

    hi Patricija Thanks for your wise words That helps although I still must learn not to be frustrated

    Thanks Robb You're such a nice person

    Steve the invitation must be stuck in the post. but eh....you need to be able to speak Dutch

    Thanks Annie I know you are very creative and wish you all the best on your journey. Hugs

  12. Marja....You're beautiful. You shine inside and out. Welcome back.

  13. Welcome back. I missed you!

  14. Wow...Marja! You looks good!I wish I have such power to lose some weight too!Congrats!
    Nice pictures and great to hear from you again!


    In october we drive again to the Netherlands...I am so happy and I can´t wait !

  15. Lose weight?????
    Girl when I am diving on the bed I dont wanna hear any..........errrr
    whoops.........wrong blog......!!!!!

    Speak Dutch...... I can say Marja! so nah!

  16. Came across your blog for the first time. I enjoyed reading your ramblings :-0) .. that was a compliment!


  17. Marja!!!
    So great to see you back in action! :)
    big kiss my friend! :)

  18. Good to see you out having fun. Belgian fries.
    Yum. I like food. I do not post a picture of me because I would like to be young and slim.......I'm not!
    Thinking of you.
    Greetings from NY

  19. loose weight...pfft
    you look fantastic!!! You know what I would do with that weight? go shopping, clothes would fit me again!! jealous here!
    Anyway, I'm leaving blogland :(
    my last post

  20. was going to comment but my little one just woke up and needs a cuddle. writing this with one hand : )

  21. Hi Majra :):)
    Nice to see you back :):)
    Hope you are excellent.
    njoy a nice week end.
    god bless you and family


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