Sunday, 3 August 2008

To be free

It is already a while ago that I participated in Writers Island. Writers Island has gone, Matinee Muse has come and I choose to take the prompt "To be free" and put in into:

To be free
By Marja Blom

To be free to soar the sky
To be free to sail the sea
 is not as much a heaven
as the freedom to be me

To be free of the fear
that you can't bear the pain
when you reach for a rose
and its thorns cut a vein

To be free of worry
which tormends the mind
with things that didn't happen
Worry makes you partly blind

To be free of limitations
 of your belief you're just a part
you're neither light nor are you dark
 you can't just pull a day apart

Why don't you move in confidence
With all that is you
learn from everything that comes your way
 and say merci beaucoup


  1. Joli ca; while were in the mood for French. We enjoy many freedoms, while sometimes failing to reveal our 'true' selves.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that! And so much can be achieved by simply having the right attitude of mind.

  3. Positive thought. Such a powerful thing.

  4. marja! Loved it!! It should be printed on a poster and hung up everywhere! Great message....and thoughts to live by.

  5. I loved the photo, that's hilarious! Must be a training school or something...LOL
    Great poem, I especially liked the second last be free of limitations....

  6. the photo is really cool, but I love the poem a lot!! You are good at writting Marja, happy week ahead :D

  7. Lovely post Marja, and I just love that picture with those hungry obedient dogs and the wily cat.

  8. Marja that was a great poem...

    I love it.

    And the picture with that line, it's so uplifting.

    Nice one! ;)

  9. To answer your question on my blog... YES I DID THEM ALL! ~ jb///

  10. Marja, there is always such inspiration in your pieces. You are such a wonderful writer and a lovely person.

    Have a great day.

  11. what a lovely inspiring poem!!! i must put this up somewhere at home...

  12. I loved this too... came here via Awareness..
    to be free to be me is what most people strive for...

  13. Freedom is making a choice in which path you want to travel and if you dont like it change it!

  14. it is good to see you again... a wonderful enlightening statement... merci...

  15. i have never seen a better way to associate freedom and me, you did it so beautifully, thank you for all your comments Marja, it was lovely to hear from you...i have been so busy at my end -life has been too hectic to write or read even though i write i rararely visit, but had to come out and visit you ...hope all is well, lots of love, UL

  16. Marja, that´s a great poem again! I think you could write all your poems in a book - I would buy it!


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