Monday, 10 November 2008

Photo fun

Thanks to not blogging I got the spring cleaning done and many other things. I gave several hints to people to admire my spic and span house. The most polite ones nodded and mumbled something like "looks nice" and than all dropped their belongings on strategic places all over the house and....the whole spic span look was gone. The regression back to the computer was unpreventable, but we do it slowly. The real reason is of course that I missed you. I have now time to explore some programs on my computer and found great fun stuff.
This one is a collage made with Picasa. The top pictures are from Saturday night. We went to the Guy folks fireworks in Motukarara. The bottom ones are shots from our garden. William made a rock and cactus corner and this cactus gets many flowers. Nice he
Posted by Picasa
This one is a merge from the above four pictures. Isn't that cool !!
Picasa is free down loadable from the Internet. Than you upload your photo's to Picasa Picasa is from Google and therefore it is compatible with all Google programs. That means you can upload pictures straight from Picasa to blogspot, Picasa web album and Google earth. In addition you can make the above great photo collages and more. Have fun.


  1. I must have known you had posted. I suddenly thought 'let's see if Marja's there'and here you are! I use Picassa quite a lot. I paid hundreds of pounds for Photoshop and it's too darned difficult for me! But Picassa is free and has quite a lot of features. Photobucket is another good freebie. Nice pictures and really nice to see you again. Kx

  2. Anyone who loves photography and esp have a blog should have picasa..does makes many things better. Beautiful images as usual..and yes, I have missed you loads!!! Have a great week Marja :D

  3. seems ta me we all need a breather once in awhile ta recharge the ld batteries.......


  4. Thanks Keith Nice to see you too

    You are charning as ever dear Mary Kate You have a great week too

    Ah Rambler how are you my friend

    My batteries are charged Steve. Nice to see you

  5. Great pics and I am happy that you are back!


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