Thursday, 11 December 2008

Follow your dreams

If you want to read the best book about following your dreams read The alchemist of Paulo Coelho. He is one of my favourite writers. It is a little fable about a boy called Santiago. This book is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophisticated wisdom.
Here is a link to the blog of this special writer.
Ahora, Marja
Another coincedence. Just found out we share the same birthday 24th of august


  1. I love this type of books..I will go find the book and read the link too. tks Marja :)

  2. I liked his Zahir and Eleven minutes as well..however I did not like his latest one Brida

  3. Thank-you for sharing. I will add this to my wish list.

  4. Thaks for the Tip Marja, I like the title already...I like to dream but if I can always follow them? Just like a soapbell, splash! It will be gone some moment...

    I post some more post's (this weekend)and than (end of next week )we are leaving for the christmas week, just now I'll let you know that, wishing you a great and friendfull Christmas with lost of warmth.

    Your Dutch Friend JoAnn/Holland

  5. it was one of the best books I read this year. I look forward to reading more of his books. Which one would your recommend I read next, Marja?

  6. This is on my wish list. I have not been reading much lately. I have been too busy sewing!

  7. You're welcome Mary Kate

    Liked the Zahir too. Eleven minutes was ok Revealing I would say

    Good one Mark

    The title is The Alchemist and I am sure you like it Will visit you soon

    I think The warrior of lights Dana

    Meggie I know and you are a star I so loive your quilts

  8. Everybody should chase their dreams don't you think? Without dreams there is nothing to keep us striving towards a better life.


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